14 thoughts on “Reminder Of What’s Truly Important”

  1. Thanks Sam. I have seen this video before. It is good advice never to be forgotten. Repetition of the story reiterates the importance of the subject matter.



  2. Thanks Sam,’ I am not a You Tube Watcher due to Data quota restrictions , where I l live in rural Ontario , so I have not seen this before .

    Very lovely clip – Words of Wisdom from a Good Teacher .
    This is why I go for Winter Walks in The Woods — to Live Simply and enjoy the simple things in Life .

    I am Happy with What I have , how little it may be, and Happier with what I Dont Have !

    I am doing a major ‘downsizing ‘ project at home,–Release and Relinquish is what I call it .

    It amazing the things I got rid of– just “stuff/ dust collectors ” and I could not believe , that I even wanted them and had them in the first place !
    I even got rid of some house plants – sold them to the Garden Club members – ‘Sedona Gas Money’ as I call it !!

    Now, all I need is Good Coffee- Good Life !! —– just food, gas, pay for utilities, and save for some travel money- to get to Arizona next month, and to SL in October !

    Life is Simple, Life is Good !



  3. Thanks Sam.Wise counsel.We have many such advice floating around and always it is from someone old, like this retired professor.It is often an afterthought at the end of one’s busy working life.Why.?The reason is that in the persuit of everything that is the best for you and yours,exhaustion sets in at the end or even earlier with burnout.!.Then you wonder whether it was all worth the while,because you have not had time to smell the roses.and the shroud has no pockets.!!.The secret mantra is work life balance from the start, not when you think it is time to retire and if you leave that too late then you do not have time to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour.This advice is best for the young but it is a difficult world out there and it is becoming harder for the younger generation.One aspect which is easier to do is to keep close contact with family and friends ,always.
    By the way, it is better to drink the coffee from a paper cup,it saves you the washing up.You need to be doubly careful especially when washing crystal ware.!,
    Paper cups, good coffee and an interesting conversation is always enjoyable.Eddie.


    1. HI Eddie,
      Your Analysis is Perfect !- at least I think so .

      But, for some, Work Is Major Hobby and very enjoyable .
      The day they stop work, they will drop dead in a month . So, this is Life Sustaining/ Survival for such people .

      I quite 17 yrs ago and NO regrets -and have lots of time for Winter Fun !!!

      My Mantra ” Less is More’
      Different strokes for Different Blokes !
      eaglewisdom !


  4. Sam,

    It is great advice & bright Thoughts. Eddie’s analysis of the whole thing is a Gem To Read!!. Thanks ,Eddie. Have to have right balance ,to have it all worth at the end.



  5. Excellent advice & well demonstrated with a cup of coffee.
    Simple life is better. May be it is not too late to adopt. I don’t drink coffee as it gives me palpitations. Tea in a paper cup will do.
    My working life is not finished yet. Still working – not to accumulate more wealth for my sons-in-law to enjoy but to keep the brain active as I don’t have other valid hobbies.
    However Eddies idea of the correct balance in life is good to follow but too late for some. Not much time left to enjoy the FRUITS!!!!!


  6. Dear Sam
    Thank you for this beautiful post and the wonderful advice given by using a cup of coffee. The sound advice given is very true . Sometimes we ignore the simple things in life and fail to enjoy the happiness brought by little things.
    Like Seelan Ranjit too continues to work as this seems to be the main hobby he has. But as long adt he enjoys it that’s fine. He is the best judge to decide when he wants to give it up. He did retire and after a month or so went back to work.
    But Seelan, work or no work you must attend the next RU and make sure you apply leave and find locums now itself. No excuses this time😊😊😊😊 Praxy


    1. Hey folks- I drink my De Caff coffee in an old pottery cup I got from Australia back in 1992- which is now missing the handle , and still it remains my Best Cup- Even better than Second Cup !
      Mantra -” Less is More “.


  7. My drinking cup
    My cup has served me long as I could remember
    Chipped, stained yellow in patches & lost it colour
    Been with me through good & bad times no quiver
    Beauty is it serves me the same times rich or poor


  8. Ariya- my cup is made of pottery , that is colored grey on the outside and dark brown inside – so, I dont see any stains !
    What the Eye doesn’t see, the Brain doesn’t know !
    Yes- my cup too has served me well- since 1991- through myriads of good times and not so good times — Still remains my good and faithful friend to greet my New Day
    My Cuppa Coffee never tastes good in any other cup !
    Wow- nice discussion on the Simpler Things in Life .– The Cup Of Life …

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  9. My cup was given to me by my Grand daughter on a father’s day, about 9 – 10 yrs ago . It is white porcelain embossed with a Pig – GRANDPA PIG !!!!!!


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