Best Wishes to Selva!

Selva BD Edit


Happy Birthday to you my dear Selvarani ,
I Hope you have a  Very Happy Day today, and Enjoy this Day, to day, and
have many more Happy Birthday Days in the Years Ahead .
Lets pretend you are sharing your  Happy  Birthday cake , not only with
Ariya, but  with all of us  !!! ( see photo 2014- Eden )

It has been such a pleasure knowing you, having you as a friend- even
before we started med school, when we all used to attend those Catholic
Student Federation  stuff when we were still in school !

You have been such a strong support for the Class of 64,  and I have
included your photos from all four Reunions we have had so far- 1989 ( UK )
1994 ( Bentota )  2014- Eden, 2018- ( Eden ) and for next year, I will have
yet another set of photos with 2019 !!


We as young women back then, we could always come to you for good advice ,
help, which you gave us with no questions asked, and ever ready to help .
I do recall, your big car ( that was a rarity for us girls back then ) and
we would go for movies, parties,  visit each other etc .
Your home, was a ‘ Home away from  Home ‘ for us hungry girls from the
Hopper House and we could always get a good home cooked Bath Adiya at your
place  any day, any time, and your ‘mom would greet us with such a warm
welcome  !
Those were good days Selva — good memories,  to keep us going  our
twilight years !

Thank you my dear Selva, for you long and loving friendship to us all, in
the Class of 64 .
Happy Birthday !
Your good friend- Deepthie .

My dear Selvarani,
Wish you a fabulous birthday with peace and joy
As your joining our batch to everyone  been a joy
God has favoured you to load things nice & pretty
Kindness, sweetness and a very sincere heart too

Uncontestedly you are the cake queen of our batch
Make divine cakes for our every do, tasty & smooth
Your sweetness gets disseminated from heart to the cake
Wish good health & a long stretch of happiness with Mahesh

12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Selva!”

  1. All the very best dear Selvaranee for a happy birthday, good health and contentment.Thank you and Mahesan for a long standing friendship.
    God bless you,
    Nirmali and Narme


  2. Dear Selva
    Happy Birthday & all Gods blessings for you for the year’s to come. You are one of the finest girls in our Batch &its a privilege to be your friend
    Ranjit &Roshani


  3. Dear Selva,

    You still look only a few years older than when you entered Med School!!!. Keep it up, as we grow older. It is an Honor to call you “My Batchmate & My Friend”. Ferw encounters we had when I was in Illinois, were great ones. Have a very Merry Christmas & a Bright New Year 2019. Happy Birthday & God’s Blessings to you.



  4. Dear Selvarani,
    Many happy returns of the day.
    Whenever I see your name I think about your Veterinary uncle who helped me to get into Bloemfontein as soon as I entered the medical faculty. Thanks to my brother who was one of the 1st 10 vet students in Ceylon & kept in touch with your uncle.
    God bless you with good health & long life.


  5. Dear Selva,

    This is a belated birthday wish for you. You are such a wonderful person. Always with a big broad smile. We are so lucky to have you as a batch mate.
    Wish you a very happy , healthy life with your hubby Mahesan.



  6. Hi Selvarani,

    Please excuse the belated Birthday greetings. Just returned from Sri-Lanka due to a family emergency.
    Best wishes to your family.

    Ranjit & Shanthi

    Winter Haven, Florida.


  7. Happy belated B’day wishes Selva. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Fortunate to to have friend like you..


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