12 thoughts on “A remedy for the winter blues.”

  1. Dear Eddie
    Thank you for this wonderf baila songs.🎼🎹🎤🎸🎺🎷🎻 I think some one had sent this to me sometime back but it is still enjoyable the second time round. I listened to it twice just now reminiscing our young days.The moves 💃🏼🕺🏽💃🏼🕺🏽💃🏼🕺🏽and the tubes are fantastic. Praxy


    1. Thanks Praxy.I posted this to get you girls and the boys out of bed as our site is very quiet now.Simone has stopped writing and the others?.We need to keep it active into Christmas and the New year.I am sure most of our batch ladies must be envious of this lassie but I am sure you all had what it takes in times past!.Despite the failing sight and hearing,the boys will certainly enjoy the post but never admit it.!! Eddie.


  2. Hey Eddie !
    Nice moves !– I think, we Kellas of the Sixties , did something like this on the dance floor on friday and saturday- at least I did – even with an extra bit of weight added on for good measure !
    We had the greatest baila sessions at the RU .

    My remedy for Winter Blues- get out and enjoy it like I did today- A 4 mile hike in the snow in the woods, along side Wolf/ Coyote tracks in the snow , with poop droppings to mark their territory .
    I did not mark my territory !

    Or go to a gym and work out , get out and keep moving , do what ever it takes to make you happy !

    Or- Run Away to a warmer climate – the Best Option !!


  3. Hey Baila Kumara, I knew you would like the tempo and the moves.I am sure you ladies would have done a great job dancing during RU18.I think your winter wandering solo should be of interest to all.Why not post the lovely pics together with your stories.Going solo in the winter wilderness is altogether very brave of you.Thanks.Eddie.


  4. Enjoyed the collection of Baila songs. Thanks Eddie.The dancing was very good. Deepthi is right our 64 batch girls did a superb job at the 2018 reunion concert.



  5. Beautiful collection of songs,
    Eddie, thanks for sharing
    So many life time favourites
    you got this old guy dancing

    Terminology Kandy lamissie

    Young dancing girl in one of the songs was named as a
    ‘Kandy lamissi’ I guess many may not be knowing why
    Young girls usually between 12 to 18 years are lovingly
    called lamissi in Sinhala ලමිස්සි
    Bear with me those who are familiar with this word.
    I pesume most urban brought up guys and girls may
    benefit if the explanation is givenby a village kolla.

    Lame ලැම = chest
    issi ඉස්සී = raised or prominent ලැම ඉස්සී

    As prying eyes of village kollo like myself await to
    Spot attaineding puberty, which is marked by ‘telarchy’
    smooth elevated contour of upper chest of our beautiful
    young girls of the neighbourhood.

    There is a similar but much less attractive word for boys too
    to mark their passage to adulthood.
    Of course they do not get elevationas such but the nipple
    gets harde and sticksout like two nodes throgh the shirt.
    in Sinhalese hard node is called ගැටය (knot)
    So boys at similar age are called ගැටයා ‘gataya’ meaning
    A bearer of prominent knots on his chest,

    On the same theme before a girl becomes a lamissie
    they are also addressed as ගැටිස්සී breasts are becoming
    prominent but yet not reached the ලමිස්සි



    1. Hey Ariya – Llearn something new every day – Lamissi / Gatissi / Gataya !
      Great having a scholar like you in the class of 64 !


  6. Thank you Ariya.You have taught me something that I never questioned before.Lamissi and Gataya.Very Interesting information of what happens in the villages.!For obvious reasons our lady in the video is long past the lamissi stage.!! Eddie


  7. Thanks Eddie,
    Its 11.15 PM here. I happened to enjoy my 2nd dose of Chivas. I saw the posting & started to copy the girl’s movement – guess what – I strained my back – my God its painful !!! – Time for the 3rd !! “WHY NOT”
    I like the T shirt –


  8. Thanks Eddie. Enjoyed both the gyrations and the songs. Thanks Ariya for the education on Lama issi and Gataya.


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