4 thoughts on “Humor”

  1. Thanks Sam for the humorous doctored pics.!! I am pretty sure that these are “ doctored” photos.In the lady with the baby,the script is ? Malayalam or Burmese,but from the woman’ s attire it is perhaps from Kerala.Keralites are very smart and it is unlikely that the woman will be more engrossed with her phone at the expense of her child hanging precariously.!
    The second too is interesting,The child is crying but the woman who appears to have received the jab is wearing a smile.!,
    I do agree that the age of retirement from active medical practice is one that is not taken very seriously by docs.Doctors should be aware that medical knowledge is advancing rapidly and is difficult to keep pace with ,furthermore clinical skills need to be tested and recertified on a yearly basis before doctors are allowed to continue in practice.


  2. If a mother carried the baby like that here, she will be charged for child abuse and the baby will go into care.Praxy😩😩😩😩


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