13 thoughts on “I’ve just met a girl named Maria.”

  1. Fantastic true story. Birds have feelings too. Wonder whether they were related in their previous birth.
    Thanks Eddie. I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian , but I think that plants have feelings too!!!!!


  2. Dear Eddie
    That was a lovely story. I never thought that 🐦 🐦 🐦 birds could establish such wonderful relationships with human beings. Thanks 🙏 for sharing it. Praxy


  3. Lovely story. Amazing relationship between the two. The goose is so possessive of the man. Would not let anyone near. So funny to see the goose ready to attack a dog.

    Thanks Eddie.



  4. Thanks for all your contributions to this post about an unusual Toulouse goose and her bachelor friend.Toulose geese, I am told ,are bred for the table in France.! They are inherently very friendly by nature but this friendship is unreal.!On Seelan’s comment about plants and their sensitivity, the answer is that we do not know.Plants do respond to good care and the old saying of some gardeners having “ green fingers” may have a hidden meaning.As we all know,Mimosa pudica does respond to touch.Think about the great trees, like the Californian redwoods,If only they could talk, they will have stories to tell of the pioneers’ past. In New Zealand we have a great old Kauri tree called Tane Mahuta.Estimated age between 1250 and 2500 years.It would have seen the now extinct Moa roam.!!Eddie.


  5. HI Eddie- Iam a bit late in my response .
    Love the endearing story of Maria and her friend .

    I too have friends like this in my garden- Black Capped Chickadees that come to me for food and I hand feed them, and this is a daily ritual year round , and starts my day in both Peace and Wonder !
    I miss them when I am away from home, but they return once they see me in the garden , or even by the window !
    Plants- I do ‘talk to plants ‘ and play music for them indoors .
    All Living Things respond to Tender Loving Care .

    I have my eagle and great horned owl friends in Arizona and snowy owl pals in my area .
    These birds seem to recognise voices and seem to have a sense of who is who with good energy .
    They dont seem to fly away when I get near them.

    It happened even in Wilapttu- this year in october – when there were the different kinds of eagles that seem to follow our jeep . I was alone with the two drivers and they infact asked me ” what is it Madam, these eagles – are they following us ? ” . I wrote down my e.mail add and gave it to them, and they both had a good laugh .

    Thanks again for the lovely post .
    eagledeepthie .


  6. Thanks Deepthie for your comments.As always, it is a pleasure to read your comments about birds, especially eagles and owls and your garden.Keep writing, Did you get any good pics at Wilpattu? Eddie.


  7. HI Eddie- I did take photos – with my pocket cannon- not real “Nat Geo “quality though , but good enough for my self , and not for public consumption !
    I think, Dharma and Nisantha with their fancy cameras have taken great photos of leopards , different kinds of eagles during their travels out in Wilpattu and Yala , back in 2014 – and I think, Dharma did post some of them on the web some time back .

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