7 thoughts on “Ads from the past”

  1. Dear Sam
    I think this is the roundabout that leads you to Liberty cinema. I forget the name of that road ??? Turret Road ?? I can still visualise the Elasto advert with its shimmering silver plates or something to that effect. Praxy


    1. Dear Nisantha and Ariya
      Yes that was the place I was referring to. I knew where it was but couldn’t give the name. Praxy


  2. Good old Galle Road,
    Nisantha seems to be correct, according to my memory
    Clever friend, Praxy, have to disagree with you, I’m sorry
    A landmark because often this place becomes very busy
    Thanks Sam, for giving An exercise to my brain work shy


  3. Thanks for the memory Sam.It reminds us of the “ good old days” of the sixties and Bambalapitiya junction..The Elasto sign used to sparkle as the silver discs moved and the sign breathed life.It is no more!!, There is now a new hotel in construction.The pic shows a set of traffic lights when you could drive down Buller’s road( Now, Baudhaloka Mawatha) from Galle Road.It is now a one way street from Duplication Road( now. .R.A.Demel Mawatha.).It used to be a hive of activity in the sixties when in the late evening Lion House and Mayfair House came alive. Great food and good company.Now, DSI show rooms have their newest outlet.Majestic city and the Damro shop is across the road.The lottery seller’s stand is no more but the sellers are still hawking around for a meagre income.If you are interested, ROAR website has a very informative write up about Bambalapitiya in those halcyon days. Eddie.


  4. In my memory this display was a lot less cluttered and cleaner. I believe there was a water feature as well. The timing of the photo must be early eighties rather than sixties.


  5. Remember this spot well back in the day, when we used to go to HFC daily from Wattala by car, and later in the Panadura number 100 double decker bus that we used to get into from Fort Bus stand ., from 1953- 1963 and even later on , till I left SL in 1972 .
    yes- I used to love watching the sparkling Foam Treads advertisement . Of course, the place was a lot cleaner back then .
    Now, I cannot even identify anything along Galle Road- never mind all the name changes .
    I dont know whats what any more on Galle Road, if you can dare take a drive along during day time with the horrendous traffic !
    Thanks Sam – for the post – to activate in the brain of A Time Gone By ..


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