10 thoughts on “Therapeutic horse”

  1. Thanks Nisantha for sharing this clip that is doing the rounds on the net now.We do know that animals, especially dogs have been used as therapeutic tools in the past, with good results, especially for rest home inmates.iIn Japan,robotic pets are being used to calm , agitated patients with dementia..This horse is 14 years old and hence is middle aged,and has the wisdom of maturity and long human contact.Hussein, his handler should be commended for his great work.Interestingly,it was said that the horse entered rooms of it’s choice.! Does this mean that horses too can smell occult human disease very much like some sniffer dogs can smell out internal malignancies.? Eddie.


  2. Good question Eddie. I have no idea , but perhaps the horse has the same ability to sense the emotional needs of patients as sniffer dogs who could detect malignancies. Needs more research.



  3. Thanks Nissantha.
    Wonder whether all horses have this talent .
    I have heard of the story of a cow regularly licking the bald head of a farmer & his hair grew!!!
    I wanted to try this but didn’t have access to a farm. So l asked my wife but she refused – I am still bald!!!!


      1. Hi Deepthie, the latter may be correct.
        Some old Aussies refer to their wives as “cows” but in front of them for obvious reasons!!


  4. Thanks Nisantha for sharing
    Beautiful video clip depicting an amazing story
    Compassion & care assume as a human quality
    Clearly shown by this horse very clever & pretty
    There is much to unearth from evolution theory

    A word must be inserted here about clever Seelan
    Who had put to test scalp hair growth and licking
    Smart move to try, irrespective of it working on not
    Sure must have experienced other parts extension


  5. Dear Nisantha
    Thank you for this fascinating story.

    I was thinking whether the cleanliness of the hospital is compromised by allowing animals 🐎 in to it as he was seen rolling on the grass in between visits to the hospital. Praxy


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