8 thoughts on “The power of music”

  1. Fantastic true story Narme, many thanks for sharing
    We too are slowly sliding towards ‘the dementia ring’
    If I live to an advanced stage of dementia, one thing
    I will likely be searching for a bat & a ball, ping pong


  2. Thanks Narme. I have seen this video before. I think it was posted on our web site many months ago .

    It was nice seeing it again.




  3. Thanks Narme for sharing this heart warming story.This story reminds us of the art of medicine, music and the care of the elderly in rest homes.First,that every person who appears withdrawn is not demented and as we all know, depression is a cause of “ pseudodementia”.This was the case with Ed Hardy.Secondly we need more young people like this young man in rest homes, who genuinely enjoy caring for the elderly, the same is true of entrance to medical schools.Remember the old vivas before entrance to Medicine.! They are no more.The practice of the art requires an ample dose of empathy and in many it is lacking.Not surprisingly, music is a language that unites, reminds and soothes the troubled mind.This is a good story at Christmas time, reminding us not to forget the poor and the lonely amidst our celebrations.Eddie


  4. Thanks Narme for posting this wonderful and true storey. I agree with Eddie we should have more people like him among careers and medical profession who exhibit empathy,understanding ,go out of the way to change things. In this digital age how easy it is to bring about a change if only there is a will to help.


  5. Thank you Narme for this lovely post .
    Music is very Healing .. and Therapeutic

    The Drum Circle I belong to , we are invited to Drum, sing, play flute , in many situations – Seniors Homes, Funerals, Festive events and just today- as a Peaceful Protest on a contentious issue with Expansion of Aggregate Development and Use of Drinking Water for Aggregate Wash in my community .

    The Sound of the Human voice, together with the Heart beat of the Hand Drum- had a very calming effect on those who were passing by on the street, and on those who were attending the township meeting .

    If Music is the Play of Life – Play On …


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