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As you can see , another year has gone by since we started the blog in 2015. Thanks to all our faithful followers, we had over 70,000 views from 10 countries this year!

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Looking back the years gone and friendships grown
We are passing another significant mile stoneSadly, not many stones left In our marathon of life As a great poet once said, it is the journey that mattersBy George we have had a good stretch thanks to qualify of friends
The tide of friendship, I more than anyone else in batch have realised Does not bank on perfection, riches, looks  or not even the backgroundIn fact for mates, my weaknesses & shortcomings became the food for friendship None of us are perfect but those imperfections made us a perfect groundAs perfection is not essential for friendship but care & friendliness are must

Ariya De Silva

Sad farewell

Chandra Rodrigo, Sad Farewell
On Christmas Day we  bade farewell to our beloved friend Chandra Rodrigo. It was very moving to see his frail body lying there looking so peaceful.It brought memories of our days at ūüŹ• Medical College where he was a very studious and clever student . 
Sadness was etched on Rohini‚Äôs face and she was trying her best to control her tears.During my conversation with her it was obvious that she had left no stone unturned to give the best care love and support and total dedication to Chandra for 8 solid years.I was happy when she agreed with me that Chandra‚Äôs suffering is over and that he is definitely  in a better place. At the crematorium when smoke appeared from the top of the funeral pyre it reminded me of how impermanent our life on this earth is.

Dear Rohini you shared your life with Chandra for many years 
And said ‚Äú farewell‚ÄĚ to him shedding many tears.
I am sure there are many loving memories he has given you, 
So please hold on to these as they were loving and true.ūüĆĻ

Best Wishes to Esiri!

Esiri BD Edit


Happy Birthday to Esiri,

It is my greatest joy to have a friend like you
It is my greatest pride to have a pal like you
It is my greatest fortune to have a mate like you
And it is the pleasure and good fortune of our batch,
On the eventful day in October ‚Äė64, we all could join you!

A rare privilege for you to be the last to receive greetings,  for the year
Esiri my mate, you are a precious gift from Lord, to delight batch sixty four
By no means that is not all, as your ways are calming and singing is adoring
Wish you a very long healthy life and be recipient of every benevolent tiding

A friend like you is unnecessary to your fellow mates,
As much as  poetry to a poet, philosophy to a philosopher
No survival value like sunlight & water to plants and beings,
Because like those mentioned you breathe value for survival

Have a fantastic day with Chandrika and your adoring kith and kin


Mary and Joseph

On this momentous day, Jesus Christ was born
I appeal to my mates in batch to write  an ode or song
Expressing the joy befell on earth on this special day
Who knows that will spur to batch 64 a poet to be born
Ariya De Silva


A Christmas thought – Hail Mary

Nazareth was an angry city in turmoil, gone very wild
Many fleeing & among them was  Mary, a virgin child
Joseph pulled the cart wearily on a rough uneven road
Donkey wearily carried the precious luggage, our gift from God

Mary did not seek any comforts, all she cared was the safety of her baby
Murmuring to Lord Jesus any mother would to pacify her precious  sonny
No comfortable bed none to attend to needs,  but no pain caused by Lord
Mary  helped to make a king, first time in the world without using a sword

Prof. Koda

49077004_10156097531342934_5704834862607761408_n copy


Deshabandu Professor Nandadasa Kodagoda
Born 31 October 1929
Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Education Mahinda College,Galle
Occupation Vice Chancellor
Known for Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo
Spouse(s) Ratnavali Kodagoda
(née de Costa)
Children Gethani, Ajith, Yasantha
Deshamanya Professor Nandadasa Kodagoda MRCP, MD was the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo.

He was graduated as a doctor in 1956 and initially worked for government hospitals of Galle, Colombo, & Karawanella. Later in 1958, he joined the academic staff of the Colombo Medical School as a junior lecturer.

Subsequently, he held the positions of Professor of Forensic Medicine of the University of Colombo, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine before becoming the Vice Chancellor of the Colombo University.

He was educated at Nalanda College Colombo and Mahinda College Galle. During the time he spent as a school boy at Mahinda College, Kodagoda was able to keep an unbreakable record in the A/L bio history of Sri Lanka obtaining 396 marks.

Reunion Couple of batch 64



My dear web master and buddies,
When we are in a proud, joyful mood, having had  Reunions many
It is essential to look back reasons for success & the initiator, brainy
To be called the monarch of reunions there is only one couple to qualify
Kum & Leela gave us the start, wheel is wheeling edges not becoming raggedy

Their mansion became the venue,  Leela’s hands the renown taste synthesiser
Not only for our batch get togethers for this couple, nothing is ever a bother
For starting a tradition, keeping it going and giving the knowledge and the bling
Join me my mates, in naming Leela & Kum , the batch 64, Reunion Queen & King


Passing of a Wonderful Batch Mate – Chandra Rodrigo


Dear Ariya , Biga and Swarna,
I just had an email from Praxy (you may already have heard) that Chandra had passed away last night. His wife Rohini will be in touch with Praxy about the funeral arrangements.
I am copying this to Sam in case the news has not reached him yet.
Dr Chandra Rodrigo  expired, cremation will take place on 25th December 2018  at 5.00 pm Nawala Cemetery. Remains at No. 31, Rodrigo Mawatha, Nawala.
‚ÄčRohini & Asitha
+ 94 11 2875262
Editorial Note:
Chandra Rodrigo,
Chandra was the Associate Professor in Anesthesiology, University of Hong Kong, Examiner, Final Fellowship. He won BS Perera Gold Medal, College of Anesthesia, SriLanka and Horace Wells Award from International Federation of Anesth. Societies. After retirement, was the President, Philatelic Society of SriLanka and won Gold Medal at the International Stamp Exhibition in SriLanka. He was diagnosed with MND in 2006, and has been on a ventilator care at home since 2011. He leaves behind , his loving wife Rohini,  son Asitha, daughter- in- law Helen and, grand daughter Jaqueline.