41 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Sree!”

    1. Dear Praxy and Ranjit

      Thank you for your wishes.

      I was really blessed by God on my Birthday as you wished .A lady from our hymn singing class went to Mount Kailash on pilgrimage.On my request she brought the statue of Saint Thirumoolar.She also brought a special garland for this saint. Following our hymn singing class on my birthday she wanted me to put this garland on the neck of the statue with the husband and wife trustees of the Ganesh Temple as it was my birthday.

      Saint Thirumoolar,Saint Pathanchali and six other saints learnt Yoga from Lord Shiva for the first time.In the introduction saint Thirumoolar says ” We were taught eight asanas,these will multiply and end up as countless”.According to the scriptures saint Thirumoolar had lived for more than three thousand years.

      What Saint Thirumoolar said I am witnessing now.The Asanas have become countless. Those who come for the classes love them and benefit immensely.

      If you click Iyengar’s student Zubin’s face book you can see me with him in his class in World Yoga Festival in Reading last July.In the 2019 invitation notice for next year’s Yoga Festival in Reading I am also in the photograph with him in the notice.

      I received your other Birthday Card as well.Thank you for that also.

      Kind regards.

      Sree and Maha.


      1. Dear Sree
        I am happy that you got the blessings of this saint and that you were honoured with placing the garland. That is wonderful. I shall read about this saint. Praxy


  1. Happy Birthday Sree !
    May you enjoy this day, and many more Happy Birthday Days in the Years Ahead , with Maha , your lovely daughter Shobi and husband, and friends

    We all, missed you and Maha at the RU 2018 .
    Lets hope we meet at the 2019 RU- somewhere in SL .

    I was really waiting for you to come and give us a nice demo of Yoga- well- perhaps you can do this for us at the RU 2019 .

    Good Wishes- to You and Maha- my Hopper House 3rd Floor pal, and Rajes’ room mate !
    eagledeepthie .


    1. Dear Eagledeepthie

      Thank you for your Birthday wishes and many more Happy Birthday Days in the Years Ahead , with Maha , your lovely daughter Shobi and husband, and friends

      May the Almighty God bless us to meet at the 2019 RU.I have put in my experience with Saint Thirumoolar in my reply to Praxy.

      If possible if we can get the hotel where we would be staying next year to provide Yoga mats I could think about getting a certified trainer in Yoga take one or one and a half hours class.I could consider paying for the trainer.

      Raje’s was not only Maha’s room mate when she was in U.K she was working near Maha is Ascot.

      Kind regards.

      Sree and Maha.


      1. Thank you Sree- for the offer to give us all a nice Yoga class .
        Once we know where the RU 2019 is going to be held, we can organise this .

        This means, you and Maha ARE attending the RU -2019 !- this is great news .
        Praxy , my self rest of the ‘organising committee ‘ will keep you posted on this . I

        For the first time in my life I attended a Yoga Class two wks ago, on a sunday morning, after a wonderful Sweat Lodge the evening before.
        I was invited to attend this special Sweat Lodge by a well known Indigenous Medicine Man and his wife , who live in close to my home . His wife has been a Yoga Instructor for many , many years .
        Now, I do some Yoga on my own and I feel very good about it .

        Thank you very much for the kind offer to hold a Yoga Class at during the Class of 64 2019 RU .
        I will be looking forward to this .

        Keep well my dear Sree and Maha –
        Till we meet again ,in less than a year ( !! ) – eagledeepthie .


  2. Dear Sree,

    Happy Birthday to you. Hope you will have many more pleasant Birthdays to come, spend a great life & have fun with Maha & your family.



    1. Dear Sree,

      Wish you a fabulous Birthday and a life full of joy
      Your honesty & smile bring the batch loads of joy
      Enthusiastic teacher to make learning Yoga a joy
      Blessing to be with you, a face of happiness & joy


  3. Hi Sree,

    happy Birthday and many more returns. Wish you all the best for good health and happiness. Please give my love to maha and Shobi



    1. Thank you Satha and Selvi.We were at our niece’s [ Dr.Ravindran’s daughter in law’s ] place week end before last.I was thinking about both of you at that time.

      Sree and Maha.


    1. Dear Seelan and Jean

      On my Birthday my wish was to continue eating Maha’s cooking for some more decades.Will you join? As I used to do I will keep Ginger Beer only for the drinks.



      1. Sure, will join.
        Who will say no to our Kanahakka’s food?
        Ginger Beer will do – I will ignore the Ginger & drink the beer.


  4. Dear all
    It is sooo wonderful to see so many making use of the Blog to wish each other.Once again my thanks 🙏 go to Sam for this wonderful web helping us to keep in touch and also to Ariya for this BS project. Sam and Ariya you both have done an amazing thing.😊 May the Blog go from strength to strength .. Praxy


    1. My dear Praxy,
      Four people aided the success of birthday project
      Do not forget your contribution from the very start
      Deepthie and you good self are deeply in the midst
      Whatever good thing happens you two too are in it.


  5. dear Maharojini
    Did not know that Sanjan’s wife is your niece. The world is so small. Is your daughter still in Melbourne? If you make a trip to Australia, let us know. We can meet in Adelaide or elsewhere


  6. Dear Sree, as usual late alagaratnam is late. Never too late for a good wish to a good friend. Wishing you a happy B’day and many more happy ones full of Yoga.. Best to Maha, your daughter and family. Does she have time for photography.. dharma


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