5 thoughts on “Vijay, Vinay and the monk.”

  1. Very interesting discussion. Thanks for sharing it Eddie.

    Yes we can learn , and take advice from people who are below our level of intellect. I remember when I was an intern at the General Hospital Colombo a patient came to the ward on the surgical casualty day with a full bladder. I asked the attendant for a catheterization kit. The attendant asked me whether he could try giving an enema to the patient to empty the bladder. My Physiology kicked in , ” of course the bladder would empty when the bowel evacuates “. I said yes lets do that.

    Lo and behold the bladder emptied with the enema the patient was comfortable , I did not have to introduce infection by accident into the bladder and it was much more pleasant for the patient than trying to introduce a catheter with an enlarged prostate. The patient was scheduled for prostate surgery within the next few days.

    If we stop learning from everyone around us , and everything around us ,we deteriorate.



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