9 thoughts on “Many a truth is said in jest.

    • Dear Eddie

      I will be at his Isha Yoga Centre tomorrow at 1-2 Silex Street ,London SE1 0DW to celeberate 1 year of opening
      the European Centre there with Carnatic Music by a very popular Musician.She will be introducing the contributions of Saint Thirumoolar to Yoga on my request.

      Kind regards.



  1. Thanks Eddie for sharing this post.

    I couldn’t agree more with these Guru’s words “ when you are in a heap of Shit,keep your mouth shut”

    As I trust “ Confidence is Silence ,and Insecurities are always LOUD”?


  2. Thank you Praxy and Simone for your comments.Simone, we have not seen any posts from you recently! We need to keep our neurons and the chat room active.So, keep on contributing.Eddie.


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