Treatment of Anxiety


My dear Sam,
Can you find a space in the RU web site
You so meticulously maintain for our mates
To publish this tried and tested  treatment
To rid anxiety, no risk, over dose or I’ll effect

In a world stress related illhealth rocketing
Anxiolytic  drug  health services paralysing
Here is an ancient technique with noside effects
No drug interactions available and free to anyone  


2 thoughts on “Treatment of Anxiety”

  1. Dear Ariya,
    Thanks you for posting this wonderful technique. I think it will be very useful as a relaxing technique and it ill be very good for all us to practice this daily whether you are feeling depressed or not. .


  2. Drug free therapy
    Thanks, I fully agree with you, Praxy
    If can do without drugs would be sexy
    Spared of side effects of medications nasty
    Must embrace energetically as drugs are pricey


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