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Dear All
This is Lakshmi Subramsniam Iyer being  awarded The Meritorious Award on 11th April2017. This was granted by the ANZCP( Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry)for  her outstanding contribution to the mentally ill patients in the State of  Victoria .
I think this is great considering the fact that she is not a college member.Though she is quiet she does her work exceedingly well and deserves every praise for her wonderful work.

20 thoughts on “Lakshmi in the news”

  1. Hearty Congradualtions My dear Lakshi for the wonderful contribution you have made over a life time of working in Victoria, Australia , to help heal others and make life better for them- The Mentally ill , for they need help more than any one else .
    We are very proud to have you among us in The Class of 64and what is more, we were together in the S Group way back when !!!
    By the way- you just look stunning in the lovely blue sari !
    It was great for Rajes and my self meeting up with you this summer, on your visit to Canada and I hope we can meet again- perhaps in Srilanka for the RU- 2019 Oct , 4,5,6 .
    Keep up the good work – you make us proud !
    Good Wishes- your good friend – Deepthie .


  2. Congratulations Lakshmi. It is very creditable on your your part for efforts and dedication to heal The mentally ill.

    Another Star in our batch of of 64.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda


  3. Well done Lakshmi. You are always quiet. In your own style you kept this great award “quiet” for more than 1year!!!!
    We are proud of you.


    1. Dear Lakshmi
      I thought that our batch mates should know your achievements. You deserve every credit and praise for the wonderful contribution to the mental health services of Victoria. It was nice meeting you here and only wish that your stay with us could have been a bit longer.
      Having chatted with you this morning I sincerely hope you would attend our RU next October on the 4th 5th and 6th. It would be a wonderful opportunity to meet up with most of our batch mates some of whom you might not have met since Faculty days. Praxy


  4. Hi Lukshmi

    I came to know of your achievent and the contribution you have made to the very needy in society last time when I met you in London and spent some quality time with Praxy and Swarna. Nevertheless my sincere congratulations. Well done keep it up. Unlike some of us you are still working part time. Hope you don’t over do it, take care of your health and enjoy the grandchildren.

    Kind regards



    1. Dear Marina
      I spoke to Lakshmi this morning and she said that she works only 3 days now. I told her about our next RU and she said she would come…so that would be nice. I am sure you will be coming too. Praxy


  5. Hi lakshmi,

    Congratulations. As usual you kept it quiet. We are so proud of you. It was so nice meeting you here in Canada.and i hope you will visit Canada again soon.



  6. Praxy ,Marina ,Swarna and Ranjit It was great to see you all in chesterfield. I had some extra time with Marina.
    Rajes and Deepthi
    Similarly it was great to see you again. I have not seen Swarna or Rajes since college days.
    It is very nice to hear from all of you Seelan, Arita, Nisantha,Eddie and Simone


  7. Hi Lakshmi,
    Congratulations on your significant recognition. Although I have not met you for many years I know that you will always do things quietly.
    God bless


  8. Dear Rajabalendran,Narme,and Piching. Thank you for your kind words. Picking. I often think of the wonderful time we had together during the college days.


    1. Congratulations, Lakshmi. Maha and myself are very proud to hear about your wonderful award.We spoke to you about 20 years back when we came to visit Yoga and family in Melbourne.

      In Vivekanantha Road in Wellawatte at Yogar Swami’s Centre free Yoga classes are going on.They would appreciate lectures from you regarding how Yoga can help with mental illness.If you are going to Sri Lanka sometime and in your own quiet way if you like to help them please let me know.I will really be happy to arrange the great service through you.

      Kind regards.



      1. Dear Maha and Sri
        It is great to hear from you. I am sure that yoga will play an important role in the recovery and rehabilitation in mental illness. I do not have much experience in this field however I have an uncle in Uk who is a doctor and a yoga teacher. He was a former lecturer in the Jaffna medical faculty. He travels to Srilanka often. I will certainly pass on this information


  9. congratulations so proud most of our above mentioned batch mates have also contributed excellently in there fields of expertise and congratulations to all, we admire there humility and dedication


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