27 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjith!

  1. My dear Ranjith,
    Send birthday greetings across the pond, to a very loyal friend
    Wishing excellent health, peace of mind & happiness profound
    May you & Shanthi, have a serene, long life, joyful throughout
    And hope will be able to meet up with you, at our reunion next
    Ariya De Silva


  2. Dear Ranjith,
    Many happy returns of the day. I wish you a long happy and healthy life! Last time I met you was when you came to buy jewellery at Vogue before your marriage. Hope to see you at next RU.


    • Hi Swarna,
      Thanks for your kind B’day wishes. You have an outstanding memory to remember about the jewelry at Vogue. I can’t even remember. It was nice to hear from you.


      Winter Haven


  3. Dear Ranjit
    Wish you many happy returns of the day 🎂🥂and may the Good Lprd bless and keep you in His loving tender care.
    Hope to see you at RU 19.Please do say you will😊
    Ranjit and Praxy


  4. Happy Birthday to you Ranjith and may you enjoy this day with Shanti and kids and grand kids .

    We all missed you both at the RU 2018 and hope to see both of you next year- Oct 4,5,6 .

    I also missed seeing you , when I visited Florida ( Sam and Kathy ‘s place ) this year in l february .

    I do recall , very fondly, my previous two visits to Florida and staying with you in both your homes , and what a wonderful time I had and the gracious hospitality — I think, the last visit was back in March 2005 to Winterhaven and that is a long time ago .

    Hope to see you and Shanthie in SL- 2019- Ru Oct 4,5,6.

    Your S gp pal- Deepthie .


  5. Dear Ranjit
    Many happy returns. Remembering the happy tennis days at SJC & the med school days me being a frequent visitor to kitty.
    All the best
    Roshani & Ranjit Aley


  6. Dear Ranjit,
    Please do forgive me for these belated birthday wishes on your 75th. My computer was in shambles last week .All the very best and prayers for a contented and healthy life in the years ahead.
    Love to Shanthi too.
    Nirmali and Narme.


  7. Hi Narme & Nirmali,

    Thank you very much for your kind B’day wishes. In fact I sent you an E-mail about a week ago, to thank you for making the arrangements to get books published by you and Annesley to my brother-in law in Sri-Lanka. The books arrived a few days ago; quickly scanned them, both appear to be high quality publications. Will get to the reading phase in due course. My message was returned. Congratulations to you on publishing this outstanding narrative on comparative religions.

    We will be heading to Sri- Lanka in 24-48 hours as Shanthi’s mom is critically ill at Sri- Jayawardenapura hospital. I think you knew her Dad & Mom when you were in Kurunegala. Will contact you when we get to Sri-Lanka.

    Regards to Nirmali and the Children




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