Best wishes to Anesley!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to you Annesely !
I wish you The Very Best on this Special Day and May you be Blessed with
many more Happy Birthday Days in the years ahead .
May you Enjoy this Day, with Family and Friends .

 It was  good to see you again , just a few weeks ago, and it  all seems
like yesterday !

The trip to Passekuda – was memorable indeed , and thank you for sharing
your ‘music system ‘ with me, during that long bus ride , there and back .
Thank you for being that gallant gentleman , helping us tender tootsie
ladies to get on and off  the glass bottom  boat  , for a nice  boat ride
outing at sea .

I read 276 Galle Road  and it brought back many nostalgic memories of days
gone by, and I am amazed at the many people you have referred to , both
family and friends  in the book .
You were sure surrounded by a lot of good people, no wonder you are such a
good person !

I am sure we wil meet again  next year at the RU- 2019 –  October -4, 5,6-
— venue to be decided later on .
Just keep these dates noted please  and perhaps we will go  on another fun
‘bus trip ‘ .

Happy Birthday – Deepthie .

18 thoughts on “Best wishes to Anesley!”

  1. Many happy returns of the day Anesley. All the best now and years to come.

    It was nice to see you at the RU 64 , 2018. I glanced through your book , but did not read it completely as yet. Piching and I are in Indonesia right now. I shall read it completely once we get back to the US.

    Nisantha and Piching


  2. Dear Annesly,
    Many Happy returns of the day.
    It was nice meeting you at RU 2018. and the Pasikuda trip was most enjoyable. Hoping to see you again next year.
    Wishing you many more happy and healthy birthdays in the future!


  3. Happy Birthday myfriend,

    It is with great pleasure and love, send you greetings
    Our journalistic friend with a heart of gold, generous
    Was lovely meeting you & had good five days tgether
    Meeting at RU was fab so was the trip to Passikudah

    Wish a fantastic birthday & a future full of happiness
    May you have good health and a long stress free life
    Full of peace and contentment and tranquility always
    Becuse you are a good mate & a gentleman top class



  4. Dear Annesly

    Many Happy returns of the day. Read your book not only enjoyed the read but was surprised to see your memory for names of people from your childhood and the events that took place in your life ,when some of us especially myself barely remember what took place last week. Praxie mentioned the proceeds went towards a good cause. Chandra Rodrigo sat next to me during the physiology lectures and was saddened to hear of his present illness and how well he is being taken care of.
    One has to be thankful to God for having taken care of us so far.

    Wish you good luck with all your endeavours ,May God bless you with many more happy years and a bright future .




  5. Dear Annesley
    Glad that you got my personal birthday card. But nothing like wishing you here in the Blog. May be blessed with peace happiness and joy through the day and in all the years to come. Praxy


  6. Hi Annesley
    Many happy returns of the day and wishes for many more birthdays to come. Enjoyed the company of your wife and son,Andre last week. Glad that we in Adelaide, got together at last and enjoyed the company of old mates
    Selvi & Satha


  7. Hi Annesley,

    Happy birthday to you. May you be blessed with many more. I received your book along with Narme’s publication yesterday. Narme was kind enough to send the books to my Brother- in law, who posted it over to USA. I glanced over them; will get to the reading phase soon. I also got down the book Tim published ” Life in two lands” last year from NZ. It will be interesting to compare and contrast the perceptions pertaining to cultural evolution about our motherland from two great batchmates who have achieved tremendous success professionally.

    Good luck and all the very best.


    Winter Haven


  8. Dear Annesley
    Happy Birthday & wish you all the best. So nice to have met you @ RU. Read parts of your book.
    Fond regards
    Ranjit Aley


  9. Hi Annesley

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more.Enjoy the day with your family and friends. I had an opportunity to meet you at our wonderful RU18 and and again in Adelaide. Your book was so interesting that I had to finish reading it. I was so amazed as to how you could remember in so much details the names and events. It also brought back memories of similar events in my life. Hope to meet you again at the next RU.




  10. To all my colleagues, friends, 64′ batch mates,
    A very sincere and heartfelt thank you for all your good wishes on my B’day.
    May you be blessed with all good things in life for your generosity both in kind words and in cash towards our colleague Chandra Rodrigo ( Rodda )
    Kindest regards Annesley


  11. Dear Annesley
    Just returned from holiday.Sorry for the belated greetings. Hope you had a great day. All best wishes for many more happy returns


  12. Dear Annesley.let me extend a late birthday wish.i am sure u had a lovely fun filled day.would b glad to c u again to remember d bygone days.i still recollect our time with u in u still go out in d sea and do u work.hope to catch up with u nxt.yr love to u and family .Ranjani


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