12 thoughts on “RU’19- Opinion Survey”

  1. Dear Sam
    Thank you for starting this opinion survey which is the first step to getting the next RU organised.
    I tried to fill the form again for Ranjit but it would not allow me.
    So for Ranjit too the response is the same as mine.


  2. Thanks for Opinion Poll – I filled it out .

    The First Baby Step towards a Giant Leap for the Class of 64 — 50th Anniversary since graduation ( 1969- 2019 ) . and 55 yrs since we all started life ( 1964 ) at Kynsey Rd .

    Deepthie .


  3. 2019 Oct will be 55 years since we all met at Kinsey Rd.
    I suggest Langkawi island for a change . This may Not be acceptable to all. Please read about Langkawi on the net to see if it suits you.
    My 2nd choice is somewhere in Colombo


  4. Good suggestion, Seelan,

    I had the good fortune to touch on Langkavi
    Few moons ago, a Cunard Cruise, it was pretty
    Shall give a tick to the idea hoping the majority
    Will be willing to come to your adapted country


  5. Reunion talks
    It is ingredients in the cake that makes it tasty
    If my mates gather even in a room in Timbaktoo
    Surely it will be the paradise, rest is superfluous
    Hope enthusiasm flares, filling the place to rafters


  6. I like to join. I also like to support the idea of having it at Langkawi island for a change as suggested by Seelan.
    We have to wait for the survey result.


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