3 thoughts on “Lion King new version video”

  1. Thanks Sam for your post.Freddy and his generation are the only hope for the future of our dear home.It is his generation that has to make the changes and I am sure they will.For,far too long ,our enlightened youth have been kept out of the corridors of power.I think that the turning point is around the corner.Let us hope that it will come to pass soon.Everytime , I listen to Carol Carpenter singing the well known Australian anthem, “I am Australian”,I dream of the day when we in Sri Lanka will have a similar anthem.Listen to that song, the words are haunting,” I am, you are, we are Australian.When will we sing, I am, you are, we are Sri Lankan..?That is the day when, paradise will be regained.Eddie.


  2. Hi, I am sorry for the incorrect information .It was not Karen Carpenter who sang ,I am Australian.It was Judith Durham and the Seekers.You can Listen to the song on YouTube.Eddie.


  3. Dear Sam,
    Thank you for this lovely unusual song . I totally agree with Eddie the present youth are not in the corridors of power but the power hungry people are ruining the country. Though I am a British citizen I still feel Sri Lankan . Sri Lanka is my motherland and it is such a lovely country which can be transformed into a much beloved nation. Hope this will happen in the near future. Praxy


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