3 thoughts on “Controlling a Mob”

  1. Thanks Sam for the post.This technology is much like our conventional microwave( 2.5GHz), the only difference being the wave length..This is millimeter wave ( 95GHz).It has to be laser guided to the target and the range is as it says over a Km.It is said that the sensation experienced is extreme heat which makes you turn away.It also says that the penetration is only 1/64 of an inch.Do we have to do this to our own species to keep them away.???is this the new tool against dissent.?Iis it a means of denying the basic tenet of democracy,i.e peaceful protest.Of course it will be used as an excuse for crowd control.Certaiy better than the bullets being used in the Gaza border zones.!!
    We do not know what the long term effects of this on the body will be.What about blindness, corneal damage and the early development of cataracts.? What about skin cancer? What about fertility in males,as the testes are very prone in the scrotum?What about long term effects on Carcinogenesis.?.Could it trigger cardiac rhythm disorders in those prone to rhythm disorders?.
    It sounds playful enough from the US Navy but in my view, not good for one’s health.” It is simmering instead of frying.!Non lethal but certainly harmful.! Only time will tell.Eddie


    1. Eddie, I agree with your analysis, but this clip is a demonstration (not actual event) of evolving military research.
      I don’t think this weapon has ever been used or anticipate being deployed against peaceful demonstrations. It can be an effective deterrent against unruly mobs or terrorists creating harm to peace loving people and their property.
      Thanks, Sam


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