11 thoughts on “SriLankan Flavors in NY”

  1. Dear Sam
    Your posting makes my mouth watering. The cashews look so appetising. What are the leaves on which they are served?


    1. Yes you must visit it Nisantha and send photos of what you are eating. At least we will be able to look at them enjoy 😊 Food 🍽🥗🍲🥘at that restaurant must be delicious. Praxy


  2. Dear Sam,
    Extremely delicious looking, mouthwatering
    Cajun nuts are favorites almost of everyone
    No one would think of the calorie count
    Too yummy, right now, I must have some


    1. Dear Ariya
      You and I will have to wait …. dont know for how long to visit that nice restaurant to taste that 🥘 food. Let’s enjouy what others eat 😊😊Praxy


  3. My dear pals – it is all balls!

    Cajun nut, man, bipeds & most quadrupeds
    Have something different to rest of the lots
    The seeds are outside hanging, not inside
    To exhibit the feminine their creative pride



  4. Yeah. Ariya are You referring to the external genitalia hanging outside the body of both quadripedal and bipedal male of the species like in the kadju fruit? when you eat the Kadju Puhulan which is the delicious fruit of the kadju that is another taste sensation.
    Just make sure you are wearing a bib as the juice of the ripe fruit could ruin your shirt with kahata stain.


  5. Nice warning, අන්නෙස්ලෙය්,
    Thank you my dear ‘මචං’ for the timely advice
    Saving my clothes staining from caju fruit juice
    Unfortunately another form called ‘my love juice’
    Has dried up, though do not mind staining clothes


  6. What a statement to make on a public forum. No doubt all our Kellas are blushing.
    No doubt there are a number of pills on the market. Maybe you want try a few. Might strike lucky.


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