Best Wishes to Ranjani!

Ranjani Editcopy



This is a photo taken by Weerasinghe – at the Faculty Day Friday –  October
2014 RU 64– when we met for the first time in a long time .
The next generation of students are with us – I must say Ranjini and my
self- we don’t look 50 ys older than these young ones !
Great pity that Ranjini could not make it this time around .

34 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Ranjani!”

  1. Dear Ranjani
    Wish you many happy returns of the day and al l God’s blessings.
    Make sure you keep the first weekend of October next year free for our next RU.
    Praxy and Ranjit


  2. HI Ranjani !

    Happy Birthday to you today and many more Happy Birthday Days to follow in the coming years .

    I think, your b’day is actually tomorrow – am I correct ?

    Anyway- Class of 64 Greetings coming your way !

    Great pity that you were not with us this time around – please keep the First Weekend of October 2019 FREE for the next RU- 2019 . Sam will keep us posted , so look up the Web regularly .

    To think that we have been together since 1956 !! and right up to Internship at Ragama back in the day — without missing a beat .

    I do recall like yesterday, how we went together, in your car, for the Registration Day- Sept 1969- scared out of our wits !
    The Rest is History- as they say !

    Happy Birthday to you and enjoy this day with Family and Friends all the way out at Ja Ela – Sri Lanka .
    your good old pal- Deepthie .


    1. Thanks so much Deepthi.I will never
      R forget our school and med days.u were so naughty and me so quiet.what contrasts but we struck up a lasting friendship.I’m so sorry I missed out this RU but definitely will make it in 2019.I wish we could b on fb of email too.loads of love and health Deepthi.Ranjani


  3. Hi Ranjani
    May you be blessed with good health,lots of enjoyment and prosperity on your birthday.
    I am moving house and found some photos when you came to see us in Adelaide many years. Will post those to Sam
    Selvi & Satha


  4. My dear Ranjani,
    It is my great pleasure to wish happy birthday
    To a wonderful friend & a brill batch mate today
    With God’s blessing may you have good health
    Contentment, and an immensely joyful, long life


    1. Thanks so much dear Ari.thanks for advising me to look up dbatch blog as otherwise I would have missed out d wishes and d thanking.must remember to look it up often as I seem to have missed out d Bdays of some dear friends Ranjani


  5. Hi Ranjani,
    Greetings from Adelaide. Wish you a very happy Biday and many more happy events to come in the future.
    I was supposed to sit between you and MSP in the physio lecture theatre but was coerced to move seat to be between MSP and Perinbanayagam all those years back.
    Best wishes to you,


    1. Dear Annesly.thanks so much.notice ur in Aussie now.r u still working.v.sorry that I missed d RU.but will make it to d one in 19.I will never ever forget our college days.what fun.regards to ur wife too. Ranjani


  6. Many Happy returns of the day dear Ranjani . May the good Lord Bless you and keep you Happy and healthy for years to come.


  7. Hi Ranjani,

    Happy birthday to you. May you enjoy many more. A few weeks ago I attended the funeral of my cousin in Las Vegas, Nevada and I met a Sri-Lankan couple, the girl said she was a Physician and her dad was Dr Paul Perera. For a moment I was taken aback and asked her about you, she said you were her aunt. Explained to her that we were batch mates in medical school. Was sorry to hear that your brother Paul had passed away. What a small World. Please convey my sincere wishes to Tiri.





    1. Thanks Ranjit.yes that was Drums.Paul’s daughter.P died last yr v. sad.we miss him still.c u next yr at d RU .Ranjani


  8. Dear Ranjani

    Sorry for the belated Birthday wishes. Hope you enjoyed your visit to London . Followed the pictures you posted on face book. Unfortunately I was away at the time.
    Wish you good health and happiness.
    Best wishes


    1. Thanks Marina.I do miss u on fb as u rarely r u.yes it was nice in UK but cold.c u next yr .Ranjani


  9. Dear Ranjani
    Iam sorry for the belated greetings. Ihave just returned from holiday and looking up at the website to see what has gone on in the past 3 weeks. A lot , I must including your B’day.
    All best wishes for many more happy returns. Hopefully we will meet at the next RU


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