9 thoughts on “The Yodeling Queen 11 years old”

  1. Fantastico
    Praxy it is very beautiful & thanks for sharing
    This little girl thrilled me, it was so very soothing
    Her performance clearly is mature beyond her age
    Fabulous to listen, thanks to Sam, you & Web page


  2. Thank you Praxy for the post.This pretty blonde is very entertaining and talented in rapidly changing her tone of voice,which is essentially what Yodelling is.Although it is described as an Alpine tradition, it is thought to have originated at the dawn of humanity when people tried to communicate and especially as a tool for calling and gathering cattle at the end of the day.Today, farmers in New Zealand still use whistling with rapid changes in pitch to communicate with their “ working dogs”, when rounding up sheep.
    To me, yodelling brings back memories of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Hank Snow.Great singing cow boys.
    Did you notice the clogs( Klompken) that this girl was wearing on her feet.Wooden clogs bring back the times when we had them at home.Remember ?They were pieces of sole shaped wooden footwear with a leather piece over the clog.I remember them to be multi coloured and for use when using the toilet, long before the Bata slippers came into use.Wooden clogs are very efficient, keeps the sole of the foot warm in winter, cold in summer and also absorbs the perspiration.Eddie.


  3. Thanks Praxy for sharing the video. Beautiful Yodeling and singing. Pretty girl with a big future ahead of her.



  4. Praxy,

    That was neat!!. Yodeling music she performs is superb. Very appealing & she does the twists of it amazingly. Thank You.



  5. Very talented yodeller. Thanks Eddie for providing us with the history of yodelling. We do not need an Encyclopedia when you respond to the posts


  6. Thanks Selvi.I am just reiterating what you all know.Here is just another word for you to remember as I do “ Kaaal Kattai” is the Tamil word for the wooden clog that we used in times past.It did give height in addition to all the other benefits.Eddie.


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