Fairies descent to Beruwala

Dear Sam,
Two fabulously pretty ladies from the most prestigious batch
Did inaugurate the 64 entry batch RU 2018, by cutting the cake
Rest of luminous fairies jubilantly enchanted the arena, with their presence
What a batch, what a party and what a pride was for everyone to be a part




When delightful angels drop themselves the whole arena illuminates
That was exactly what happened, in Beruwala for three exciting days
Certainly the occasion was brilliant as if thousand sparkles had fallen
Thank you for all the pretty maidens who chose to enlighten the place

Ariya Head shot

One thought on “Fairies descent to Beruwala”

  1. Well said Ariya.No dispute at all.

    Yes we all had a wonderful time. We were able to interact with each and every one of our batch mates and their loved ones.The comradrary was great entertainment by Feizal was great, the skits and the dancing girls were great the venue and the food was great. What more could you ask for.



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