Best Wishes To Ariya!!


Happy, Happy Birthday to you my dear Ariya– the Poet of The Class of 64 !

I wont want to even attempt at writing a poetic greeting to you, but, I do
Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Today, with many more Happy, Happy  Days to
follow .
Enjoy this day, with your very lovely Thavam and your sons and family -and
friends- who ever that is there to celebrate this day with you .

I hope you like these fun photos from our RU 2018  — shows what a good
time we all had  !

I really enjoyed the visit to the  Kan Dostara Mahattaya’s  office  !
Also- that lovely beach walk , in the quiet of the morning, and the Boat
ride you kindly organised for us .

Hope to see you and Thavam next year- 2019  oct 4,5,6- some where in
Srilanka for another good time  like this one .

Keep Well- Be Happy  and Happy  Birthday !

Your good friend from Class of 64- eagledeepthie .




Treatment of Anxiety


My dear Sam,
Can you find a space in the RU web site
You so meticulously maintain for our mates
To publish this tried and tested  treatment
To rid anxiety, no risk, over dose or I’ll effect

In a world stress related illhealth rocketing
Anxiolytic  drug  health services paralysing
Here is an ancient technique with noside effects
No drug interactions available and free to anyone  


Lakshmi in the news

PHOTO-2018-04-23-16-51-26 copy


Dear All
This is Lakshmi Subramsniam Iyer being  awarded The Meritorious Award on 11th April2017. This was granted by the ANZCP( Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry)for  her outstanding contribution to the mentally ill patients in the State of  Victoria .
I think this is great considering the fact that she is not a college member.Though she is quiet she does her work exceedingly well and deserves every praise for her wonderful work.

Best wishes to Anesley!

Anesley BD Edit




HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to you Annesely !
I wish you The Very Best on this Special Day and May you be Blessed with
many more Happy Birthday Days in the years ahead .
May you Enjoy this Day, with Family and Friends .

 It was  good to see you again , just a few weeks ago, and it  all seems
like yesterday !

The trip to Passekuda – was memorable indeed , and thank you for sharing
your ‘music system ‘ with me, during that long bus ride , there and back .
Thank you for being that gallant gentleman , helping us tender tootsie
ladies to get on and off  the glass bottom  boat  , for a nice  boat ride
outing at sea .

I read 276 Galle Road  and it brought back many nostalgic memories of days
gone by, and I am amazed at the many people you have referred to , both
family and friends  in the book .
You were sure surrounded by a lot of good people, no wonder you are such a
good person !

I am sure we wil meet again  next year at the RU- 2019 –  October -4, 5,6-
— venue to be decided later on .
Just keep these dates noted please  and perhaps we will go  on another fun
‘bus trip ‘ .

Happy Birthday – Deepthie .