7 thoughts on “Coming to a town near you?”

  1. Dear Eddie
    Thank you for posing this video clip. It is so scary and already the drones have become a menace and it is going to get worse in time to come. Praxy


  2. Thanks Eddie for the video. We may have to walk with a baseball bat in the future , to smash all the drones that come to rob us.
    My grand nephew used a drone to take pictures of our family reunion in Kandy ,Sri Lanka. The family gathered outside on the large balcony , and the pictures with beautiful background of the hills around Kandy were marvelous. An ordinary camera would have never gotten such beautiful pictures. This is the bright side of drones.



  3. Eddie
    Its a bit of science fiction, but interesting. In US the FAA is fully aware of the dangers of Drones and regulations have already been drafted. This country has several Billion guns in circulation. Few drones equipped with guns would make very little impact, in my view. (not that I am a proponent of Guns)
    Thanks for the post, Sam


  4. Thanks Eddy. I have a friend in UK who owns a drone and does all sorts with it – but within the law. I have also seen in the Mount Lavinia beach a group flying a drone and sending it over some girls (who seemed to be enjoying it). I am not sure whether it was taking photos or not.


  5. Thank you all for your comments.What we all,must appreciate is that drones are becoming cheaper to buy and as you pointed out may become another utility item like a camera or a mobile phone.Very soon, it may become fashionable to own one.If they are seen around Mt Lavinia beach it must be within the reach of many.!It does not take long for someone to think of novel uses of the drone.I have seen an article about the combination of AI( artificial intelligence) and swarms of self directed drones replacing a conventional army.Swarms of drones released for warfare will,be a menace in traditional warfare.They can interfere and clog the airspace and cause havoc.Add to this AI which is programmed to think independently,good vs bad enemies, combatants vs non combatants and then the drones may may up their minds(AI), eventually the drones will decide who should win the war.I like that concept when drones released for warfare start thinking independently.It is not too far away and maybe in our life time.I am sure many of you have ideas about novel uses fro drones, if you do have , please share your ideas. Eddie.
    PS.Already, they are used for transport and delivery of blood products to war zones …


  6. Hi.Sorry for the typo, should read” for” instead of “fro”.Another point that I forgot to mention is the combination of Drones,AI and Facial recognition technology.They can be released to target individuals remotely.This technology is available now.Think of the possibilities…………


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