Don’t cry for me Sri Lanka.Listen to Sunil Perera.

“And as for fortune and as for fame,I never invited them in,Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired, They are all illusions,They are not solutions they promised to be”……(words from Don’t cry for me Argentina by Andrew Lloyd Webber

and Tim Rice).Uncertain times at home.Interim enjoy the baila by Sunil.Eddie.


Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

4 thoughts on “Don’t cry for me Sri Lanka.Listen to Sunil Perera.”

  1. Dear Eddie
    What I listened to was a baila about our politicians and not a song from Evita.

    However the baila is funny and It’s very true of our politicians. It is so embarrassing and they don’t have any self respect. One moment they are slandering people and next moment they are joining hands with them for political gains. Such a dirty lot.


  2. Thanks Praxy.Yes, the words from Evita is also a song about our home.But, it is Sunil Perera who tells the story as it is.Sad but true.Eddie


  3. Eddie,

    That is a true story of what happens there, ; sad but true. Nice lyrics, great beat & to the point. Thank you for picking up these “PERLS!!”.



  4. Thanks Wimal for your comment..We can only pray for Sri Lanka and hope that saner counsel will prevail in time.Just when the world thinks our paradise is the best tourist destination ,” demo crazy”!, spoils the soup.These happenings remind me of the old baila by Desmond De Silva,” Pol Kattu Handa wage,…..She will never come right…….Boomi thel moley.! God help us.Eddie.


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