praxyDear All,

Having returned back to UK I would like to write a few words about our wonderful get together.
It was wonderful to see old friends and catch up with them. My grateful thanks go to Faizal for his wonderful performance in providing lovely music for us to dance and have a good time and also to all  our friends in SL, Australia, Canada  New Zealand  US and UK for all their efforts  in making this a success. We are very grateful to Sam for his web and his efforts  in organising Eden Hotel. His web has enabled us to communicate with friends living far and wide. Our sincere thanks  go to  to Annesley  too, whose book helped us to collect money for Rodrigo ( Accounts later ).After the RU 12 of us  went to Paiskuda and had a great time. Ranjit returned  home  a few days later on the 13th  as he had to report back to work but  I stayed in SL till the 20th as I wanted to go with Rani and her friends to Wilpattu. This was wonderful as we saw many animals and huge herds of elephants in Kaudulla.
On the night of the Dinner dance I circulated a piece of paper giving the exact accounts but unfortunately I did not get this back. So from memory I am writing down the expenses.
From the last RU Lucky and RA  had a balance of RS 63000 and this was handed over . From this RS 60,000 was  given to Sam to pay  30000 for the DJ ( 15000 per night ) and 30000 for the maintenance of the Blog. The balance RS 3000 was put in to the pool for Rodrigo.
IMG_2014 copy
Annesleys book and contribution to the Blog brought  in RS 109000.  Thank you all for your generosity as I never envisaged collecting this  amount of money. To this was added the  balance 3000 handed over from the last RU making a total of RS 112000.
I was informed  by the Hotel, on the day of departure that RS 10000 had to be paid for the use of two microphones by Dharma. So  Rs 10,000 was paid for this bringing the total amount to RS 102 000. This amount was given to Lucky to be handed over to Rodrigo’s wife.
As I mentioned earlier I did not get back  the paper I circulated at the RU with the exact accounts  so I am writing  these from memory.
Thank you everyone for your participation and and  your generosity.
Some of you have mentioned that we should have a RU next year to celebrate 50 years since graduation, so please keep the fist weekend of next year free for another good reunion. Hope all of you  would join. The venue can be decided later but please keep the weekend free.
Thank you.
Kind Regards.

19 thoughts on “RU’18”

  1. Hi Praxy,
    Thank you for your excellent book keeping efforts.
    I am very heartened by the great generosity shown towards Chandra Rodrigo by our batch mates.
    The family obviously has some financial concerns as shown by Chandra’s wife who intimated that she could do with some protein drinks for Chandra if ever someone was inclined to gift something. I recall reading this in a blog in the past when Sam had a mention of Chandra Rodrigo’s plight in his blog.
    As I had always maintained the book was never for sale except for the excellent suggestion by the two convent girls AKA Praxy and Deepthie who suggested that a voluntary contribution by the receipients of the autobiography could be used for a gift towards Chandra. That being said the Rs 109000.00 contribution was a great effort. My sincere thanks to you Praxy for the effort.
    You mentioned about a another reunion in 2019. Obviously we want to keep a weekend free for the revelries. could I suggest the 1st weekend in Oct;19′ and not the 1st weekend in 2019 as proposed by Praxy which probably is a typo.
    Once again my heartfelt congratulations to the 64′ batch who has such a generous heart.


    1. Dear Annesley
      Pardon me 🙂yes it is the first weekend of October 2019. Annesley you don’t have to thank us but we have to thank your for your true altruism. Praxy


  2. Hip hip hooray,for the organisers and for the generous contribution by Annesley from the sale of his book.It is certainly a worthy cause for an unfortunate batch mate.Yes, Praxy Perhaps means the first week end in October.Warm regards to all in our batch.The comraderie comes through in the reunion.Eddie.


    1. Dear Eddie
      Yes I did mean the 1st weekend of October 2019.I sincerely hope you will come. If I am correct Ithink you mentioned about dancing to Udarata Niliya last year but we had to keep quiet as we had already thought about it and did not want to mention.”Great minds think alike “ Now that you spotted the mistake in the date of next RU I don’t think you can forget it. Praxy


  3. Dear Praxy

    I wish to thank the committee members for organising an “awesome “ RU, an amazing event , that the mates will be talking about for weeks.
    A successful RU is never an accident,It is always a result of a commitment excellence,intelligent planning,and focused effort.

    Thanks for the financial statement.
    Appreciate Annesley’s generous contribution .


    1. Dear Rani
      Thank you for your compliments. But we havebto thank you 💐too for your input especially with choosing Udarata niliya and giving me the contact for the bus 🚌 to Pasikuda. You gave a lot of help behind the scene and we all appreciate this. Your input is required again for nex RU.Praxy


  4. I too wish to thank the organising committee for the great success of the RU 18. Also I thank all the members who attended. It was very nice to meet all of you. If we have another RU 18 I hope more colleague will be able to attend.


    1. Dear Swarna
      Yes indeed it was nice to meet many of our friends and spend “.quality time” with them.Thank you for participating g in Udarata niliya 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Praxy


    1. Thanks CJ.
      I am happy that you decided to come . Please enter first weekend of October next year in
      Your diary 📔. Praxy


  5. Thank YOU Praxy for the excellent Book Keeping From The Head !!
    Real Kon Dostara you are .

    Yes- The RU was GREAT and lets have the next one 2019 in Srilanka- my feeling is I prefer SL to any place in the world .

    I am still in RU- 2018 mode, looking over , again and again , the hundreds of photos I took during the two days at Beruwala, and again at Passekuda .
    It all seems like a dream to me, from which I never really want to wake up …

    Some say- Yesterday Is History — but for me, Yesterday at Beruwala and Passekuda is Dream and a Gift to all of us in the Class of 64- to those who attended it and to ” Those who were with Us in Spirit , ” from around the globe , who encouraged us to go on with the RU 2018 , with such good energy .

    Fully agree with Rani- when she says ‘ it is not an accident , but a focused effort , commitment , and planning .. etc ” .

    Now that RU 2018 was a success, the RU 2019 would not be that daunting – as we have the Plan In Place .
    We only have to decide on a suitable venue – and stick to the same Plan ., that worked out well , with no glitches.

    .– except that my self, Damayanthie and Chandralatha slept like dead logs and kept the whole class waiting for nearly an hour during the Group Photo Shoot !
    Praxy can fill in on this hilarious Story — a bit of History !! that made this event even more fun !!

    Annesley — It was sooo good that you had this book out for us to see and read, and the donations went for a good cause — Hope this helps Chandra – the brave man that he is ..

    Many Thanks and Blessings to ALL of Class of 64 .

    Jaya Wewa !!!!– eagleD


  6. Dear Deepthie
    Thank you Deepthie . I am
    happy that I could remember the figures and the amount of money collected.Thankfully my memory is still in tact.. May be the Sudoku that I do daily helps😊😊😊
    For me too the RU is still in the present and wish we could turn the clocks back. But the thought of meeting again in less than a year cheers me up. For RU 18 we started planning from about 18 months ahead but for RU19 we do not have even 12 months so we all will have to get our act together. Praxy


  7. Hi Praxy,
    I propose to utilise Eden resort and spa in Beruwala as the main venue and perhaps a trip down to Shanghai la Hambantota for post RU19’ relaxation. No doubt there will be alternate suggestions.


  8. Hi Annesley, Do you play golf?.Shangri la Hambantota is where you would go to play Golf ,if you were not in Colombo or Nuwara Eliya..! Eddie,


    1. Eddie and Anesley
      I spent two nights at ShangiriLa Hambantota playing golf. I would highly recommend this venue for both golfers and non golfers


  9. A bouquet of flowers to the organizers of RU 2018

    Let me apologise for my two cents not appearing in the blog up to now.

    Agree with whole heartedly with what was written before, the reunion as well as the trips had been marvelous.

    Sam, Praxy Deepthie and Simone and many others have contributed generously towards the success of the

    party and the trips.

    Once again batch sixty four deservingly got all the praises from those who were lucky enough to gather around.

    While Beruwala was a fantastic success ( with huge beneficial influence from Sam, let us think of alternatives

    too such as different parts of the country or even. Cruise. It would be a real love boat if we can huddle into a

    cruise ship,

    I had due to generosity of Lakshman and Gita had a wonderful opportunity to Partake in a scientific gathering in

    Jaffna via SL college of O&G.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the facilities and care received in a first class hotel ‘ Valanpuri in Jaffna’

    Just as a passing remark mentioned as an alternative site is considered.

    A cruise has also been murmured in Beruwala among certain quarters if an alternative location is preferred.

    Wherever we gather it will surely be a party to remember.

    However to await another four years would be a problem as many hotels will not be able to accommodate so

    many wheel chairs and for that matter even Zimmerman frame walkers,

    Thanks my dear Annesley for your excellent book and contributions on a worthy cayse the cash yielded within a

    record breaking time showing the generosity of our batchmates and the selling prowess of our pretty maiden

    Praxy. My two cents worth would not be justified if I do not congratulate our beautiful girls who danced to the

    tune of ‘UDARATA NILIYA’ all of you were fabulous.

    Ariya de Silva.


    1. Dear Ariya
      Thank you for words of appreciation . It was a joint effort and you too played an important role😊😊 In making RU18 a success. Let’s start preparing for RU 19 now.
      Sam it is good if you can put a “ Flyer” in the Blog giving the first weekend of October next year as the date for the next RU and may be after the New year ask people for their preferences. Praxy


  10. Excellent idea Praxy as always.
    No doubt we need a concensus opinion here.
    Sam could always explore the facilities and availability of Eden resort for 1st week in Oct; 19′ for starters.


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