Passekuda Trip

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Passekuda Trip .

Many thanks to  Praxy and  Rani for organising this  real fun bus trip to
Passekuda .

We had a great drive   in the rain , on Sunday morning . This did not
prevent us from having a good time in the bus .
Faisal Zavahir very kindly gave us three Cd’s + a set of song sheets  to go
with it  specially done for the bus trip ,of the songs he  sang at the
Friday night BBQ dinner .
 Praxy kept time with the little symbols – we all had a great sing along .

 Then, there was a loud card game at the front of the bus ,while those
sleepyheads at the back took a nap, despite the noise in the front !
We stopped for a bit of lunch on the way and  I had my very first Lion
Larger- as Damayanthie told me, ‘ drink it Deepthie – I tell you, it is good
! ” so I trusted her and had my first sip ,and the rest is history . !

Then we reached Passekuda a bit late into the evening-  due to the rain
all along the drive up there .
Saturday morning –  Voila !!- The  sun came out   and so did we , and the
sun was with us, till we left on Tuesday morning .
What did we do ?
Just R and R !!–  Went for beach walks, , boat rides, talked with local
fisher men,  and generally had Fun in The Island In The Sun !

I will send a video clip of the Sing Along in the Bus — – if I can get it
across to Sam .
In the meantime, just enjoy the photos .
Oh by the way-    the guys convinced me to drink Pol Arrakku-  ” It is good
for you Deepthie – take a sip ” so said Gaspar and Shauket .   The  sweet
mild taste  was  confirmed by Damayanthie – my trusty room mate for 4
nights- at Eden and  Amaya .
Again- the Rest is History !!


Eagle in The Island in the Sun .

12 thoughts on “Passekuda Trip”

  1. Don’t get me wrong “faking gratitude”the words are said without the genuine feeeeeelings, of gratitude.
    I love manners,dig etiquette when it is not too restricting )and appreciate genuine politeness.


  2. I never thought that Deepthie can drink Arrack & Beer. I have never touched Arrack after the night of the glass door “accident” at Bloem.
    Looks like you all enjoyed the visit to Passikuda.
    Shauket had too much to drink in the Bus????


    1. Dear Seelan
      In the Blog soon …to appear I mentioned that the next RU will be definitely held during the first weekend of 2019. So no excuses please write it down when you get your diary for next year.
      and get Ready to come to SL. No excuses what so ever otherwise I will get the police 👨🏼‍✈️To drag you from Sydney to SL.😊Praxy


      1. Dear Mates who couldn’t make to RU18

        We sure missed company of many of our lovable mates
        Though RU 18, was an absolutely outstanding success
        Reckon year’s notice, may be insufficient for busy mates
        Do not want to miss you, mark next October in the books



  3. It appears that you all had a good time. Piching and I could not join in the fun because of prior commitments.

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures.



    1. A fantastic trip
      Dozen of us had a trip of our lives and must thank Praxy and Simone for their organisation skills.
      Everything about the trip was perfect & the commeradary made whole occasion a thing to remember for life.
      We dearly missed, Nisantha the singer and Piching the kandyan dancer.
      Very grateful to Faisal for thoughtfulness to have given recorded discs of his heavenly voice which we played through the journey in the bus.
      Would have loved a repeat performance of ‘Udarata niliya’, in the beach with the backdrop of beautiful deep blue ocean and crispy white sands of enchanting Passekudah.
      Our batch crowd gelled so well a long trip in a comfortable coach should not be an optional extra but a must for all future reunions.


  4. Thanks Deepthie for the commentary and the pics.I think your Lion lager was flat( from the appearance in the pic.)even . before you consumed it.Try it again when it is fresh and bubbly and you will enjoy it more, especially in a warm dry climate and after a swim in the sea.Eddie.


    1. Dear Eddie
      See what a lot you missed.💃🏼🕺🏽🤳
      We want you to come for the next RU as it is a special one..50 years after graduating.No excuses please . Praxy


      1. Thanks Praxy.Yes, the video shows the happy time you have had.Just like a bunch of school boys and girls on a school trip..You seem to be a specialist with the cymbals.! This time, we had a special reason to welcome a grand daughter into this world on 5.10.18.I hope we will not have more special occasions like this again interfering with our plans.!Regards.Eddie.


  5. HI Eddie,
    Good to hear back from you! I shared a bottle, on the way to Passekuda, at a way side snack place, with I think, Gaspar and or Shauket /Paul ,and they seem to think it was ok, and it was ok with me too .
    I did have another Larger, after a dip in the sea, in the afternoon- right from the beach bar of Amaya hotel,– and it was nice and bubbly .I took a few sips off Gaspar’s bottle I think, and it tasted good , and he too enjoyed it .
    Now, I can say, ‘ been there and done that ‘ !!

    Anyway– we all had a great time out at Passekuda – just real R and R, lazing off on the beach a whole day, doing sweet nothing !


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