3 thoughts on “RU’18 – “Clinical Corner””

  1. Thanks Sam, Dharma, Koneswaran et al for this timeless medical skit, of doctor and patient.The tri lingual approach is suitable for much mirth.Yes,eating puttu was interesting but for me a girl called Kusuma, always make me chuckle.!
    We do remember quite a few mnemonics from 2MB time as anatomy was always a study which required remembering obscure names of nerves and muscles prior to our clinical foundation.Interestingly,one remembers the mnemonic because of the usually interesting observation/ sentence but often the crucial bits of information for which the aid was created is forgotten.Laughter, is always the best medicine and at our age we need it in abundance.Eddie.


  2. Thanks Sam for posting this. Watching this video I felt as if I was there.
    Congratulations Dharma on your successful skit. Now I realize why you asked me whether i would take part ! Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend. May be next time


  3. Absolutely hilarious – enjoyed this now, as I did when I first saw it in Beruwala .

    I was a bit late in watching this as I have limited data quota at home for internet access and had to wait till I hit the town library for free wifi
    I was watching sweet Saroja’s face as Kones pulled up the sarong !!!!

    Another great production by Alagaratnam and Sam Samarasinghe Productions !!
    You both missed your vocation I must say .
    Better late than never .

    Thanks for the Re- Run of a wonderful skit – full of laughter – The Best Medicine !


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