Worthy Cause

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Our visit to see Chandra Rodrigo
It was a seminal occassion when we gatheted round our mate Rodrigo
What struck was how meticulously well,  he is cared by his wife, Rohini
A huge organisational effort and Rodda is breaking MND survival records
Having completed eight years, tracheostomy ventilated and fed via tubes

His brain power is amazing, just like the student days, very sharp and succinct
Recognised all of us & via is regular attendants all daily events are well recorded
Knows everything happening in the world and does not miss his favourite cricket
Rohini, Rodda’s wife doing a Hurculian job & was grateful for our visit and the gift


A  special word of thanks must be inserted here for our mate Annesley
For inserting a chunk of our medical student days in his fab autobiography
And to donate the entire  collection  of his book sale, ably helped by Praxy
A fine example how everyone enthusiastically contributes to a cause worthy

Ariya De Silva

9 thoughts on “Worthy Cause”

  1. Very sad to see Chandra in that state. Glad that all you lovely folks were able to represent the rest of the batch mates. The donation for his care was money well spent.

    Thank you all for visiting Chandra on our behalf.



  2. I heard about the visit to see Chandra from Ariya. It is sad to see him in this condition but I admire his courage. His wife should be commended for looking after him at home. I wish that I was there too. Annesley has shown his good heart. Thanks to all of you to represent us too & also for sharing the photo.


  3. Thank you Ariya for the photo and the beautiful words .

    Admire the courage of Chandra and his wife – Bless them .

    Annesley–thank you for the gift to Chandra’s family , on behalf of all of us .
    Laki- Geeta- told me all about the visit .
    Bless you all – Deepthie .


  4. Thank you Ariya for organising the visit to see Chandra on behalf of all of our batchmates. Although I could’t attend I am deeply moved to see the photo and your beautiful words. When I first read the mini bio RU64 I came to realise how strong Chandra is and the dedication of Rohini and the whole family.Four yrs has passed and Chandra is going strong and I admire the courage of Chandra and family. The donation for his care is well spent. I must congratulate Annesly for donating the entire collection of his book sale.



  5. My dear Raja,
    Small correction has to be made here
    Trip to visit, Chandra, our ailing mate
    Laki invited me to join and am grateful to him
    As Narme,Dammi, Ajith too joined from batch


  6. My dear Sam,

    While I totally endorse your suggestion
    Have another mind boggling question
    Chandra’s situation unknown surfaced because of Dalpe
    Shall we form to help other mates for in need, a foundation?


  7. No objection. Do we know of others in need? We should be grateful to Dalpe for informing us with his Blog post. Pictures are always worth thousand words. I feel good about helping him.


  8. Yes Sam,
    You are absolutely right, Lakshman and I had some thoughts
    At a subtle level have been exploring the possibility and needs
    Those who are trail blazers on this issue, if can come with a plan
    Sure will be an extraordinary response & a productive campaign


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