Six beauties and Me



Six beauties ambushed Me …….

Six of the most beautiful ladies in the hemisphere
Ambushed in Beruwala to send me to stratosphere
Jolly time we all had,  words couldn’t say but faces did
Just like reliving 2014, the promise is a repeat next year
Ariya De Silva

9 thoughts on “Six beauties and Me”

  1. RU 2018

    Thank you Nisantha, for brightening our huddle
    Coming to the party with Piching your lovely wife
    Truly it was an amazing weekend of joy extreme
    When reliving golden past our happiness is intense

    Piching dressed in a Kandyan attire gave a fine dance
    Delighted us with rhthmic moves graceful and authentic
    Your roll play, as a difficult patient was as usual brilliant
    Gave the tensed medical student Dharma a torrid time


    1. All in fun. Glad that everyone had a great time. Piching and I enjoyed taking part in the “ Block “ concert. Thanks to Dharma for being the script writer , producer and the director . Thanks to Rani for encouraging the girls to take part in the dance.



  2. Dear Ariya
    Not sure about us sending you to Stratosphere .☁️☁️☁️
    We certainly liked your company 😊😊and the Eden atmosphere .
    Thank you for all the efforts and lovely company we had with you.
    And let’s hope we will have the same success at the next RU.


  3. Is it ” A thorn among the roses”. I am sure Ariya will say the other way !
    Main thing is that all are in a happy mood.


  4. A thorn or a floret of a bloom?
    Yes Seelan, Your guess is right, Ariya is not a thorn
    The view is all are beautiful flowers, not a single thorn
    Spread across four hemispheres dessiminate fragrance
    The greatest entry batch sixty four, a boon to the universe


  5. Is this Rama ambushed by Seven Sita Devis’ or Ravana who ambushed Seven Sita Devis’ in one go ??

    Lovely photo — Thanks a lot .- from just one ‘sita devi’ in the photo !
    Yes- Great RU 2018 .– wonderful memory .
    Thanks for everything .



  6. Reunion 18

    My dear Udarata niliya, you all danced very well
    Batch is peppered with talented beauties, swell
    Though last minute efforts ours was a success,
    Because of people like yourself with huge talents


  7. Hey Ariya — ALL the Udarata Niliya ladies were Great All Round !
    Credit goes to Rani- whose idea it was in the first place .
    It is amazing, how the 6 of us from 5 different countries pulled it off so well .— thanks to internet – you tube !

    At our age, ( Septugenerian Age) just to have the guts get on the stage and move around to a fast beat , was an achievement in it self .

    So, I think we ALL did well and thrilled the guys to many whistles and cheers and just looking at us, all dressed up was Eye Candy +++ to you guys !!!!! !— never mind what we did on the stage !

    I bet no one thought we ladies would have the guts to get on the stage, all dressed up in Kandyan Sari , for this lovely Udarata Niliya Dance .

    Dompe Act- was just hilarious — Mokkada Kiwve ? that was all fixed up by the Kan Dostara !

    Time to start to thinking of the Next One !

    Baila Kumari .


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