Fascinating Historical Information

Dear Sam,

I came across the website below recently. I am not sure if you or any other batch mates have seen it before. But it appears to be full of ‘useful’ historical info.

If you feel its something worth posting on the web, please do so.


Thank you very much for your efforts to keep the web going and for helping organise the recent RU. I had not intended to attend it for personal reasons, but having attended, it opened my eyes (yet again)  to what a wonderful bunch of people (human beings) our batch is.


With best wishes,


Click below,


5 thoughts on “Fascinating Historical Information”

  1. Thanks CJ and Sam.Yes, the Roar site has very interesting and useful information about Sri Lanka.I have found it a very valuable source of information..Eddie.


  2. Thank you CJ and Sam

    Great presentation, giving meaning
    to words and phrases in common parlour
    Looking back on our glorious past
    It explains the origin of some terms
    And conditons accepted and used.


  3. Thanks Sam and CJ for posting a site offering a “”wealth of information.”It is good to know what happened in the past,and it’s interaction with the community.

    History creates CURIOSITY of the country we live in SRILANKA and reflects a more sophisticated , understanding, and appreciation of the culture,society,habits etc


  4. Thanks CJ and Sam. Valuable information about Sri Lanka. I knew a few of them and others were new. It is always nice to know new and exciting things about anything and everything especially Sri Lanka.



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