9 thoughts on “RU’18- Group Photos”

  1. Thanks Sam for posting. I saw this yesterday, sent by Dharma. Fantastic group photos from his camera.
    I could count 35 batch mates in the 1st photo & 49 in the 2nd photo which includes the spouses.
    I missed the fun this time – may be I can join next time.


  2. Thanks Sam ,for photo. All look great!!. I was able to recognize 98% of group. The next photo had Kathy, not the first one. Was there a racial discrimination??[ Just Joking!! Ha, Ha ]



  3. What a bunch?

    Thank you Sam for publishing our photos
    All faces are dressed with beautiful smiles
    No septuagenarians, just Spring chickens
    Proudly facing the camera in beautiful attires

    Nearly five decades, though passed as doctors
    There is alertness and happiness in all their faces
    Irresestible desire to impress friends & colleagues
    Must thank Dharma and Sam for the Sterling efforts



  4. Thanks Sam for the outstanding pictures. It was nice to see the group after such a longtime. Brought back many wonderful memories.


    Winter Haven.


  5. Thanks Sam for publishing the outstanding pictures of our unique batchmates and their spouses. For me since I missed the RU64, I was able to have direct conversation with some of my batchmates whom I have not met for 50 yrs.. All the batchmates and their spouses looks stunning. Hope at our next RU rest of our batchmates would be able to join us .


  6. HI folks- The Eagle has Landed in Canada — left Lanka y’day and arrived home today, after a wonderful two weeks .
    I am home sick for the Class of 64 …
    What memories — what nostalgia — this malady seems to get worse and worse with each passing year .
    Gotta meet again next year .— somewhere , somehow . !
    Special message for those who missed it– TRY and come next year . if all goes well .

    I did not have my lap top in SL- though I was able to view the Web page , was not able to ‘comment ‘ — so, this is my late response to all .
    Many thanks to Sam- and to all those who came, and good wishes from those who were not able to make it .


  7. Hi Deepthie, Good to know that you are back home and in contact.You are a breath of fresh air and you light up the chat room.Tell us more about your two weeks in our Emerald Isle.Eddie.


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