Best Wishes to Deepthie!

Deepthie BD


Dear Deepthie, aka,  ‘gamahamine’ on path to Dompe
A beautiful and a radiantly shining star of western world
As you celebrate birthday with kith and kin in motherland
We wish  a fabulous day full of joy and a future very sound  

May you have good health and a very long glorious fruitful life
As  illuminate where ever you go with your infectitious smile
Fight for justice not for yours but of the weak and vulnerable
Protecting & supporting goddess, of the poor & down trodden

Beautiful dancer, a thespean of the highest grade
Intolerant of injustice irrespective of where its origin
Bearer of many scars of past battles for fair play
My dear friend you are the cause for world to go round.

19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Deepthie!”

  1. My new found friend Deepthi, AKA reincarnation of Rukmani Devi,
    No doubt you do keep secrets, Fancy not letting on that you would soon be celebrating a B’day for all of four days being together.
    Lovely to have reconnected with you, Very many happy returns for the day and many more foot loose and fancy free B’days in years to come.


  2. Beautifully expressed by Arya. Our sentiments exactly. Happy birthday and best wishes for a happy peaceful life.
    Love Piching and Nisantha


  3. Dear Deepthie,
    Congratulations and very best wishes on your birthday. I can’t fine suitable words to express my thanks and gratitude for your love, concern and kindness shown me during the past and at the reunion.
    With lots of love,
    අභිරහස් දොස්තර


  4. Dear Deepthi,

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns of the Day & and many more healthy ones to follow.

    Best Regards,



  5. Dear Deepthie
    All the best on your birthday All the great people are born this month. Remembering the wonderful time with you all at RU
    Much Love
    Roshani & Ranjit


  6. Dear Deepthie
    Wishing you good health and lots of happiness on your birthday. You r so lucky that you were able to celebrate your birthday with your colleagues and friends.
    Saw the video of the reunion. Your are a natural dancer and a star


  7. Dear Deepthie warm wishes although belated as I was on the flight back home
    It was wonderful meeting up with you and exchanging news and views in addition you were great on the dance floor, enjoyed it tremendously
    Take care of yourself


  8. Dear Deepthi

    Wish you A Very Happy Birthday. Warm wishes for a healthy and peaceful life . Hope you enjoyed the reunion, meeting all your friends .
    With much love



  9. Belated good wishes Deepthi on your birthday – the only boy in the batch! Sorry I could not wish you in time due to I-pad problem. May you have a fruitful and healthy year ahead. God bless


  10. HI Deepthi,

    Sorry for the belated Birthday wishes. We were out of state for a family emergency.

    Ranjit & Shanthi

    Winter Haven


  11. Hi Deepthie
    Sorry for the belated birthday wishes. We returned only today from our holiday in Dubai. We enjoyed the stay. When I saw you at the Ru you looked very young and bubbly. You and Gaspar were really enjoying the dancing. I was highly taken up by all our batchmates with their dancing skills. I could not stay longer as I was getting the flu but my wife kept going and really enjoyed it..Wishing you a long and happy future so that you can continue your dedication for our future RUs.Hope to see you in Melbourne next year.



  12. Many thanks to All to all those who took the time of day to wish me for my 75th b’day– !!
    I feel 57 and not 75 !!

    I arrived home today- and late response as I did not have my lap top in SL .0— though I was able to view the comments .
    Many thanks again .

    Yes- I really enjoyed the RU- in all aspects — never thought I could dance ALL evening virtually !

    Ariya- many thanks for the kind words- I dont know if I deserve all those praises . it was great being with you and Thavam and spending time with you both at Passikuda .

    Seelan- well what can I say- except that this Baila Kumari missed a dance with you !

    Gaspar- Thanks for being that wonderful dancing partner and I am ‘booking ‘ you for next year too !
    I hope we can still move – like we did , this year .
    It was great having you as Gamarala in the Dompe Skit — Mokakdda Kivve ??

    Annesley-so you think I am a mini Rukmani Devi ? – thanks for the complement in my 75th year !!, and it was just great having you and Gaspar with the group that went to Passekuda- what a great trip that was .

    Rajabalendran– I hope you are feeling better now, and Ranji– it was great having you on the dance floor for that Non Stop Baila Session !!

    Thanks Ranjith and Shanthi- for the greetings and we all missed you both .
    Lets try to meet next year – .

    Narme- Yes I am ‘ The only Boy Among The Girls ” as you said , back in 2014– coaxing me to attend the RU ! and The Sweet talk did the trick, and the ‘Rest is History !!

    David Selvarajah, Marina and Selvi– many thanks for the Greetings and we all missed you all .

    Don Ale from Kotmale- Yes- Great Birthday Month — with you, Narme, my self, Asoka, Rajabalendran, and Siri Kannangara .– we join the ranks with a person called Winston Churchill !!

    Praxy and Rani– many thanks for the Greetings and Many Thanks for organising the Passikuda trip and Rani- for the Udaratal Niliya Dance skit and Praxy , for the Dompe Skit .
    I had a blast participating in both –
    At our age, it was great that we could still have the guts to get on the stage and dance, wearing the Kandyan sari !
    Lets think, what we are going to do next year !!!

    Thanks to all- eagleD


  13. Dear Baila Kumari,
    You live up to many names I had given in the past
    Having seen the performance at the RU18 concert
    Must add yet another well worthy name, to your list
    Kandyan dancer par excellence the latest I prompt


    1. HI Ariya ,
      I did some Kandyan Dancing and Oriental Dancing at Holy Family convent back then, when I was in std 6, 7 and 8 as After School Dance Classes conducted by the late Sujata Jayawardene . — a great teacher she was .

      I was always fascinated by Song, Dance and Music- -it is in my DNA so to speak !!
      Those movements I learned back then were well stored in my neuronal memory chip !

      I used to watch the temple dancers on various poya days- when I lived in Sinharamulla, Keleniya, as they paraded down the road on the way to the Keleniya Mahavihare .

      So, it just goes to show, what we learn as young children is never really lost – it is just stored in the ‘back burner ‘ only to “come alive when the time is right ‘ .

      Thanks for your appreciative comments .
      Baila Kumari .


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