5 thoughts on “More from RU’18”

  1. Excellent performance by all 6 ladies.
    Praxy’s bionic knees are functioning well. The orthopod who replaced the knees will be delighted.
    None of the ladies seem to have any problem with the hips!
    Peeching’s performance reminds me of Indian Bharatha-nattiam.
    Deepthie, Dhamaya, Swarna & Ranee – Danced well. Good coordination.
    I missed it all !!!


  2. Quite an impressive performance by all the ladies. Impressed with the agility, coordination and the rhythm. How long did they practice ?.

    Winter Haven.


    1. HI Ranjith ,
      Good to hear back from you and thank you for your comment . I was viewing this today, and came across your question ” how long did they practice ‘.

      Rani sent found this video on You tube , and she sent it to some of us who were going to attend the RU, and some of us volunteered to attempt at our septugenerian age !

      We all did some practicing in our own way in our respective countries , watching the You Tube ,
      with each one communicating via e-mail on how best to learn it, and we gave helpful suggestions to each other on the 101 of learning the dance movements etc .

      Thanks to modern way of communicating !!

      When we came to SL- Piching and my self, did a bit of practicing in my hotel room , just 2 days before the concert.
      Then, when we were all at Beruwala, we got together and practiced it on Saturday morning – with Piching setting up her ‘tablet ‘ in Slow Motion, for us to really see how the movements are done .

      Anoja and Naomi watched us practice and have very useful comments .

      Then, we did it to actual tempo a few times till most of us got it going good .

      Then we got dressed up and did the best we could on the stage !

      At our age, even to dare to get on the stage to do something like this was great in it self .

      Praxy — was the most brave one- she had both her knees replaced a few months before this – Bionic Lady at her Best !!

      I hope this answers your question — Digital Age- Wifi was the REAL Dance Teacher !!

      eagledancer !


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