Classical version of Bombay Mere Hai

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Shared By Narme

6 thoughts on “Classical version of Bombay Mere Hai”

    1. Thanks Narme beautiful song.
      Justrealized in Bloem we sang this complrely different lyrics.
      Word we used carried unparliamentary words.
      From your publication I learnt the song can be sung in pleasant company.


  1. Loved it. Thanks for sharing it. It brought back pleasant memories.

    I did not enjoy the video focusing on the dirty side of Bombay , Mumbai



  2. Thanks Narme and Sam, This version of a timeless favourite by Usha Uthap has many endearing features.Starts with an easy rhythm and the beat picks up midway with accompanying footage clearly a parody on the Bombay ladies and the realities of life in the big city.A very enjoyable version.Eddie.


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