6 thoughts on “RU’18 Takes off”

  1. I am Glad to see batch mates enjoying but feel sad for missing the RU.
    Sam, I am sure you will be posting more photos – especially a group photo.
    I am working & our house is in a mess as some renovation going on.
    Wish you all the very best.


    1. My dear Seelan,
      What renovation, as none is needed to your mansion, perfect
      We dearly missed you at the RU, mark diary in red for the next
      No ifs and buts, without everyone’s pal Seelan, RU is not jolly
      So my mate, no slip ups for next & put a thick mark in your diary


  2. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for posting the pictures of the batch mates having a good time. Agree with Seelan’s sentiments. Have a great time and enjoy your selves. As the day’s go by, time becomes a precious commodity.

    Regards to all,




  3. Thanks Sam for the pix. Brings back memories and makes me regret for not being there. Best wishes to all AND HAVE A GREAT TIME.


  4. My dear David,
    Thanks for comments and as much, we too missed you at RU
    You well know every good mate missing dents the celebration
    So my dear pal, next years diary, when received, mark in RED
    First week of October as the week for batch reunion dedication


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