9 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Asoka!”

  1. Hi Asoka,

    Many happy returns of the day. Wish you good health and long life. Enjoy the day with Aruns.


    Ranjit & Shanthi


  2. Many happy returns of the day Asoka. All the best now and years to come.

    We are having a great time here in Beruwela. Wish you were here to join in the fun.

    Nisantha and Piching


  3. Happy birthday to a very nice man
    A good friend as well as an illustrious son
    Though relatively silent you enlghten our batch
    With sincererity and pertinent advices par excelence


  4. HI Asoka- Happy Birthday Greetings coming late- as I just got home to Canada today, and I was not wired to the world during my stay in Lanka .
    We missed you, and thought of you, as the RU 2018 got off on the 5th , and we all missed you and Arundathie .
    Perhaps- we could meet next year – !

    Enjoy this Year and all the Years Ahead .
    Good Wishes- Deeps . ( ‘ Deeps ‘ as you always refer to me ! )


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