18 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Walley!”

    1. Thanks Nishantha. Although I may not be at Beruwala this time I still have fond memories of meeting you and Piching last time and I got photos to prove it !


  1. Abey,

    Wish you a happy Birthday. Hope you will have many more years of Birthdays to come.

    Is your off day still Monday?, or is your off day EVERYDAY??[ Retired like Us! ?]. Need to call; you for a chat. Let me know. Regards to Mala.



    1. Hi Wimal, thanks for your greetings ! I do 3 days of easy relaxed work every week with some holidays in between. Both Mondays and Fridays I am off so as to enjoy long week-ends. Love to hear from you


  2. My dear Abey,
    Were returning for RU, hence the delay to send greetings
    Wish you a wonderful birthday & a future full of happiness
    Peace of mind, contentment throughout with good health
    And a long healthy life with your beloved friends & relatives


    1. Dear Ariya,Thanks for your birthday message, not that I look forward to birthdays anymore ! I do find your poetry interesting and uplifting !


  3. Hello Abey,
    Many happpy returns of the day on your b’day. Kodi and Jayarani Was visiting us from Auckland and were reminiscing about. Tokoroa days with Dharma and yourself.
    Kind regards, Annesley


    1. Thanks Annesley. Yes Kodi & Jayarani have been our close family friends since Hawera days i.e. 1974. By the way they were here recently as their son is a paediatric surgeon doing a fellowship in Brisbane Children’s Hospital


  4. Many Happy Returns of the Day & Happy Birthday Day Abey. Also wishing you a happy and healthy future.



    1. Dear Dalpe, Thanks for your greetings. Sorry we will not be meeting in Beruwala this time but certainly will get in touch when we come to SL next time


  5. Happy BIrthday Greetings for the 3rd october , to you Abey, coming late – 16 days later , as I was in SL for the RU and was not connected to the world during my time in Lanka .
    we all missed you- and do recall you very fondly, in your fancy hat and pink shirt at the
    RU 2014- when we first met at the Faculty !
    You sure looked quite the dude that day – and I hope you continue to look ‘ quite the dude ‘ in the year ahead, and keep well .
    Hope we meet again .
    Good Wishes- Deepthie .


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