17 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Narme!”

  1. Hey Narme
    Wish you many happy returns of the day 🎂🥤🥂and may the Good Lord bless and keep you till we meet on Friday😊Praxy and Ranjit


  2. Many happy returns of the day Narme. All the best now and years to come. Looking forward to seeing you this week end.

    Nisantha and Piching Banda


  3. Dear Narme,

    Many happy returns of the day & Many more happy Birthdays to come over years.

    Enjoy your little E-Mails with “Pearls ” in them. Thank you for them. Keep sending them as you pick GOOD ONES!!. ” This is Narmasena Wickramasinghe saying good night from Radio Ceylon” ; still remember like yesterday. You are a great friend & a great Human Beign, & I am proud to call you my friend & Batchmate.



  4. Many Happy returns of the day. Hope you can celebrate with those who are already in SL for the mini reunion.
    Best. wishes


  5. Dear Narme,
    Happy birthday. I am sure Nirmali would have organized a big party for you.
    Wishing you all the best for a happy & healthy future.
    Seelan & Jean


  6. My dear Narme,
    Wish you a happy birthday my dear friend
    Full of joy, contentment and peace of mind
    You are a great guy truly a boon to the batch
    May you have a long life with health profound


  7. Dear Narme,
    Pleasure too wish The gentleman of the64’ batch a very happpy b’day.
    Catch up with you in a few days,. Annesley


  8. Many Happy Returns of the Day & Happy Birth Day Narme and many more Healthy and Happy ones to follow



  9. Dear Narme
    Very many happy returns and best wishes. Most fitting coincidence with the RU, so enjoy the day with friends and colleagues.


  10. Dear Narme,
    Its a belated birthday wish for you. Wish you many more fantastic birthdays in the future. Seeyou during the weekend, Swarna


  11. Hi Narme,

    Wish you a Happy Birthday. May you be blessed with many more.

    Regards to Nirmali and family.

    Ranjit & Shanthi.

    ps. Will send the info you requested via private e-mail.

    Sorry Shanthi & I are unable to join the fun and the festivities with the other batchmates.




  12. Thanks so much all you nice people. Particularly missed Seelan and Dostara Wimal at the RU. Most of the others had already wished me . Iwish Marina and Rajesh could have come to the Ru- have not met you for years.

    God bless all of you


  13. Late Birthday Greetings coming your way Narme, from the ‘ Only Boy Among The Girls ‘ – you know who it is !!

    It was just great meeting up with you and Nirmalie again – and hope we meet again next year .
    It was a great gathering RU 2018 with loads of fun and laughter .
    I arrived home today- and so the greetings are coming your way- a bit late- .

    Blessings to you- this year and the years ahead .


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