5 thoughts on “The beauty of China.”

  1. Thanks Eddie.
    Fantastic Aerial view . I have not been to china yet !!!!. Now that i am semi retired, planning to go there next July.


  2. Dear Eddie
    Thanks for posting this beautiful video clip of” captivating China” it is a fantastic country and Seelan if you go there amongst other trips make sure you go on a Yangtze 🚢 cruise. Praxy


  3. Good morning Eddie from Ontario- Canada. I am still here , leaving for SL in a few hrs .

    Thanks for the lovely post on Beauty of China- coming on the heels of the previous post of Twenty First Century Imperial China, taking over Asia .

    .Every one has to take their turn to build their own empire .

    It was the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British in the recent past .
    Going back even further into the history of the world, – it was the Romans and the Greeks

    . It is China’s turn now.

    The Land is beautiful, not to mention the very calming soothing music that makes one virtually ” float in the air ‘ !

    The country side , floating pontoons, high mountain country, rice paddy fields , etc, reminded me of Up Country Tea Estates, Low Country Paddy Fields – nostalgic indeed .

    However , the Urban Sprawl is very evident — a bit too, too congested to my liking , living where I live, in virtual rural Ontario , on the shores of Lake Huron .

    Thanks a lot for keeping the ‘Web ‘ going – you are doing a great job as the Back Up Battery for the Web Master !


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