I am coming home.Reunion 2018.

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Hi, This is a song to all of you who are travelling to Colombo for our reunion 2018.Some of us will not be there but will be thinking of you all,as you dust away the cobwebs of your mind and relive the college years once again.Best wishes for a great reunion. Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

10 thoughts on “I am coming home.Reunion 2018.”

  1. Dear Eddie
    Thank you for that lovely song. Even though we have 👀 seen it before it a very apt to think of the words at this time. Some of us are already here and looking forward to the RU. As we 💃🏼 💃🏼🕺🏽🕺🏽 away the night we will be thinking of you and others who ar not here with us. Wish you were here and thank you for your wishes. Praxy


  2. Thanks Eddie for sharing this Country Music video ,which allows the listener to vent and express emotions and feeling of patriotism “A Reflection Through Its Lyrics”.

    The Nostalgic feelings , the song evoke,
    touches close to the listeners heart.

    It’s good to know, that once the initial hugs are hugged out, the stories told and the reunion over, ,most of us will feel that our true home , the road we belong and love 💗 is the process of plotting and dreaming of another opportunity to get back?


  3. Thank you Eddie for the lovely video- worth seeing it a second time !

    Yes- agree with Praxy and Rani — Rani you are quite the poet now- love the way you write on behalf of all of us !
    All of us will think of those not there with us – but, all of you will be with us in Spirit at RU- 64- 2018 and who knows as Rani says – ” love is the process of plotting and dreaming of another opportunity to get back ‘ !!

    Love it – Life is Short- Lets meet again some where along the way !
    Blessings to you Eddie and to ALL who are not with us .

    I am leaving home today-
    Lots of Love and Good Wishes to ALL –
    Deepthie .


  4. Thanks Eddie , I too have heard this song before , but it was nice to hear it again.

    Piching and I are certainly going to miss some of our Class of 64 at the reunion. Our thoughts will be with you though and when we come back we will tell you all what you missed or what you did not.

    All the best to everyone.

    Nisantha and Piching


  5. Best wishes for the batch 64 for a beautiful reunion. I have missed the opportunity twice to meet my colleagues. Hopefully will meet at least some of u in the future somewhere
    enjoy yourself


    1. My dear Selvi,’
      Thank you for the good wishes to the Class of 64 .

      We will miss you and Satha- at least he was there back in 2014 , and that was great , and we spent a lot of time together at meal times in the dining room.

      I am soooo sorry that I am not able to see you . The last time we met was back in 1969 !- and that was a very long time ago .

      You never know- I may make a trip to Aussie- !
      Lets hope it will be so !– Make a Wish !!!

      Keep well, Much love- S gp pal, eagleD


  6. It makes me feel sad – I started off as one of the organisation committee member but owing to other commitments, i am unable to attend. I know for sure that i am going to miss the fun.
    Anyway i wish you all attending the RU the very best. I can only wait to see some of the photos of the RU.


  7. Yes my dear Seelan- you will feel sadder when you see the photos !
    But, hey, we all have our reasons for what ever that we do in life- Cheer up- you will be with us in Spirit !


  8. Thank you all for your comments.This post was just a reminder to Sam, Praxy, Deepthie Nisantha and Ariya to keep the spirit of the occasion alive by posting regular clips of your activities at the reunion and keep those of us who did not make it, also feel part of it. Enjoy. Eddie.


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