Does this ring a bell.?

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Hi, This is an interesting interview with an articulate black man , just returned from China and Japan.I have heard similar sentiments aired in a clip by Mahathir Mohamed, the newly re elected prime minister of Malaysia.Interesting times ahead.! Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

10 thoughts on “Does this ring a bell.?”

  1. Eddie
    Thanks for this amazing clip. & I agree with every word he says. It should be an eye opener for most other asian countries including SriLanka, where I am witnessing this phenomenon already. Very sad.


  2. Thanks Eddie for the clip.
    Agree with Sam, China is out to conquer the world and many ,poorer countries like Srilanka, have already fallen victim to its game.

    China’s game, best summed up by Quartz, goes like this: they offer the honey of cheap infrastructure loans, then attack with the sting of default when these poorer economies aren’t able to pay their interest down.


  3. He does not say anything about the situation in Japan. Perhaps the Japanese do it more discreetly, with a lot of bowing.



  4. I am in total agreement. Sri Lanka is making a big mistake. Chinese will take over soon by bringing their own people to work in their projects . I wont be surprised if Mandarin is taught in schools .
    Chinese in Malaysia are “bit”, tamed by the Malays but still control the economy. Malaysian Chinese are a lot better than the Chinese from mainland & they are less aggressive
    I feel sorry for SriLanka !!


  5. Sad but true. China has a colony in Colombo already , with acquired land. We may need a Chinese visa to go to that area very soon.

    I will be in Sri Lankan the 2nd of October and perhaps will be able to see whats going on first hand.

    Hambantota harbor is taken over by the Chinese . I would like to see the labour force there. May be mostly Chinese.

    I love the Chinese who has taken over me though.



  6. Imperialism – All over again .

    This is how Empires are built – on the back of the less fortunate .

    So called ‘Settlers of America and Canada ” who were they ? – the famine starved, the land hungry the jobless, the destitute , from over populated places Europe UK included .

    Money barons back then dictated who should go where and what they should do .
    It is the same philosophy now – Nothing really has changed .

    Philosophy — Kick out the original people of the land, to where ever- Reservations in US and Canada , deprive them of land, jobs and bring your own to do the work , and worse , take the kids, ( Residential Schools ) smack the language away from them, take away their culture , and teach the European language- in the case of USA and Canada, it was English .

    Now, in Africa- it is Mandarin .

    Dont learn English- Learn Mandarin – this is how the world is going, and it is what it is, and learn to live with it , as there is really nothing anyone can do .

    I feel sad, like the Afro American in this very compelling video , for the future generations in those ‘occupied countries ‘ coming in the next 4 generations and I am glad I will be dead in less than 10 yrs !

    eaglevision .


  7. Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for providing the video clip of the interview. Totally agree with the comments by you and the other batchmates. We must be cognizant of the fact that the Chinese discretely engage in the philosophy of regional expansion through modes of Industrial, Educational, Business, Health, Technological and Transport assistance to less developed countries.

    This concept was submerged in my mind; surfaced while in Sri- Lanka last Dec for a wedding, while watching from the hotel window the construction progressing in the ” City Center” on reclaimed land. This was further reinforced by a recent conversation we had with a Vietnamese acquaintance. They were concerned by the steps taken by the Chinese to influencing their Education system.

    With this in mind, now that the US has withdrawn from the Trans- Pacific partnership and the existing Tariff’s fiasco, will embolden the Chinese to engage more aggressively in their path to dominate the economic outlook in South- east Asia.


    Winter Haven



  8. Thank you, to all who contributed to this conversation.As the Chinese dragon wakes up from slumber ( from 1500 after the Haijin decree stopping all shipping),the “Joker” in the western pack is prodding the dragon to activity faster…As for Sri Lanka, history may repeat itself.In 1411,king of Kotte,Vira Alakesvara,originally chief minister to.Vikramabahu 111,was taken prisoner by the great “eunuch “sailor,Zheng He.Alakeswara refused to pay taxes to China and was taken prisoner to the Yongle Emperor.He was returned unharmed, a year later.China has a glorious past in shipping and sailing.During the six voyages of Zheng He ( 1405–1424), and almost 81 years before Vasco De Gama,Zheng was in Kenya trading and brought back a giraffe as a gift to the Yongle Emperor.Strangely, in 1500 , the haijin decree by the emperor after Yongle, stopped all shipbuilding and shipping to other countries.China became insular cutting off all ambitions of exploration.This allowed the Portuguese, Spaniards ,British and the rest to exploit the “ melaninised “ populations of the essence in the early 15th century China had no ambitions of conquest of lands, it was for trade only.!Sad but true.Eddie.


  9. A long time ago, my father- ( who was a Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Colombo) told me
    ” China is The Sleeping Giant- for When She Awakes- The World will Tremble … ”

    His vision of the Future, foretold some 60 yrs ago– now coming a Full Circle .
    I wonder what my father is thinking of , as he is Looking Down , from where ever he is .

    Thank you Eddie for this wonderful discussion of Imperial Powers of the 21st Century .

    By the Way- What would USA and Canada be without Made in China – Walmart !! ??
    Walmart- coming to a place near you — Sri Lanka– perhaps Hambantota !

    Deepthie .


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