5 thoughts on “Post from Rani.Allure.”

  1. Thanks Rani.Indra, my wife is a net ball fan and hence I hear a lot about net ball from her. I did see a clip of the recently concluded Asia net ball cup in Singapore.Sri Lanka won the competition, thanks to Thagini as the goal shoot.
    What worries me is her stature.Clinically, she has many features of Gigantism.! Hope she is not harbouring a pituitary tumour.If she has , I sincerely hope that it has burnt out.!! Eddie.


  2. Dear Rani
    What a wonderful piece of art by a fish.It was very interesting to see the movements and the labour to accomplish this task .
    Thanks for posting it. Praxy


  3. What a piece of art work. Only a human master artist will be able to top that one.

    I have seen some sand sculptures that are masterpieces.

    Thanks Rani for sharing it.


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