8 thoughts on “Post from Rani.Shooting star.”

  1. Thanks Rani for the post.This is a remarkable fish.The pattern in the sand is very intricate and beautiful.Do all these fish create the same pattern or does each one produce a unique pattern?Again, much like the weaver bird building it’s intricate nest this fish is doing something unique with it’s tiny brain.It begs the question,does fishing with a rod and line cause great distress for the much larger fish with larger brains that fisherman enjoy catching.? Whales are still a delicacy in the Japanese cuisine!.Should we all revert to vegetarianism.? At least it will result in better health.Eddie.


  2. Fantastic news, Eddie
    Thanks for sharing with us a proud video clip
    All patriots in Sri lanka should cheer and clap
    Astonishing physical prowess and achievement
    For sports loving guys in motherland a rare treat


  3. Dear Rani and Eddie
    What a great performer and a great pride for SL to have such a remarkably talented girl. Of cours the height too helps when she is shooting. Praxy


  4. Way to go Tharjini. 6′ 10″ tall. As Eddie pointed out she probably suffers from Gigantism – Acromegaly. I hope she is medically Okay.


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