Praxy’s post.

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This post is from Praxy.Extreme flexibility of the human body.!

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

6 thoughts on “Praxy’s post.”

  1. Thanks Praxy,What this 6 foot man did, is in many ways, very difficult but not impossible. His body is very flexible due to regular training of the human body plus ? he may have a joint mobility disorder.We do not know!.Regarding the submersion in the water tank, it is not extraordinary.His total time under water( but not immersed in water)was of the order of 6 minutes.Most free divers with training,can drop their BMR by about 20%, furthermore cooling the body can enhance this reduction in BMR.Some free divers without oxygen enhancement can hold breath for about 11 minutes. This man’s feat of human endurance is remarkable but physiologically possible.Eddie.


  2. Thanks Praxy. I have seen this video a while ago. It was nice to see it again.

    I agree with what Eddie had to say and Rani’s comments. Pearl divers in Japan can hold their breath for extended periods of time. Yogic practices too make people control the parasympathetic nervous system, control breathing and other so called impossible tasks for you and I.



  3. Dear Praxy,
    Thanks for sharing this truly amazing fete
    He must be having as tendons rubber bands
    If that is what Yoga can do, I too will join a club
    Being five foot instead six I’ll have a good chance


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