Religious harmony,Spanish style.

This is a clip from Spain.When the local Hindu community sought permission from the local Catholic priest to take an image of Lord Ganesha In procession on the road in front of the church, the response was, yes you may AND if you wish bring the image in for a blessing.This is religious harmony at it’s best from the Catholic Church today.Eddie.

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Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “Religious harmony,Spanish style.”

  1. Dear Eddie
    Thank you for the wonderful posting 🌺. It was lovely to see both religions getting together and respecting each others beliefs . What wodeRaul unity. This is a good example to people who fight in the name of religion.


  2. Thank you Eddie for taking on the role of the Web Master — good to have a ‘replacement battery ‘

    This post on the two major religions coming together- in Spain is a great step forward .
    More wars were fought, more lives lost – were all in the name of the religion .
    This is a wonderful example of Living in Harmony .
    For all Religious fanatics- of every color, tribe and religion, this is a MUST .
    Thanks a lot-
    Deepthie .


    1. Thanks Deepthie, Correction.I am not the web master! I am sure Sam is now not in transit and will be available to coordinate matters as usual.
      Yes, If we can appreciate and overcome the oft quoted line by Karl Marx, “ Religion is the opiate of the masses”,Then, we will be enlightened and live our lives in peace and in love with humanity.Eddie.


  3. Thanks Eddie, for posting the video clip,
    Reflecting the importance of all religions embracing the “CULTURE” of Harmony. I strongly believe that a key factor in promoting Religious Harmony is to oppose religion being used for ill purpose.
    “RELIGIOUS HARMONY WITHOUT UNIFORMITY” should be the Global Motto.?


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