Indian Toddler’s Dance

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Shared by Praxy

6 thoughts on “Indian Toddler’s Dance”

  1. Dear Praxy

    Cute girl, beautiful dance thanks for sharing
    Feet movement & facial expressions, enchanting
    Audacity of girl resembles in our batch some one
    Could imagine many moons ago, I am still thinking


  2. Dear Praxy

    Thanks for posting this, captivating, audience centric dance performance by a toddler.A clip showing that music and dancing is a natural part of a toddler’s life, during the early development of motor, social ,and communation skills.

    Grace, fluidity harmony Of body,expressions to narrate the musical
    Rhythm , key components are seen in this excellent dance performance .


  3. OMG- this baby is soooo cute- a born dancer .
    It is in her DNA and she will beat anyone on the dance scene .

    I see her in the movies in the future — Bollywood Girl for sure to match Priyanka Chopra !

    I see her mom and dad wiping tears of joy, while the kid is just having a blast on the stage- nothing called stage fright here !

    Perfect — in all aspects and agree with all that Rani has said above , narrating the song by dance .

    I recall the time I used to train little kids , my own included , for Lee Keli, Kalagedi and Mal Mala dances when I was at home with the kids , for the Sinhala – Tamil New Year events in Mississauga, Ont, where Iived back in the late 70’s .
    I had little ones like this who were just like a sponge,to soak in the perfect rhythm and dance to thrill the adult audience , mostly parents of the kids .
    I had just as much fun as the kids them selves during what I call ‘my restful years at home ‘ .
    I have photos to look at now- but, the memory is still clear and sweet .

    Thanks Praxy for the lovely post .
    I am a bit late in responding as I was waiting for a chance to get to town to use free internet at the local library .

    See you all at Beruwala — and keep those eyes rolling , hands moving and feet tapping !! !

    Baila Kumari

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  4. Hey Seelan — who knows – gotta do a DNA to check that one out !

    You will miss some real fun stuff at Beruwala this time around — will have some one take a short video clip and send it to you .

    Praxy is on her way, and I will be leaving in 2 days, and we will all miss you and Jean .

    Keep well- Baila Kumari .


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