12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Saththi!”

  1. Dear Saththi,
    Wish you a very happy birthday.
    It was really lovely to see you and Iyanthi at Shaukat’s recently. Hope to meet again in October.


  2. My dear Saththi,

    Send greetings to one of the coolest guys in our batch
    Wishing contentment & peace, long life and good health
    You are a wonderful mate, fab memories in batch & Bloem
    Happy birthday and here are some advice for a future plum

    πŸ€ Ten Gurumantras for a cool life: something to widen the smile on your birthday!!!

    1. Money is not everything. There’s also Mastercard & Visa.πŸ˜‰
    2. One should love animals. They are tasty too.😜
    3. Save water. Drink on the rocks.😎
    4. Fruits/Salads are healthy. So leave it for the sick.πŸ˜…
    5. Books are holy. So don’t touch them.😊
    6. Don’t shout in the neighbourhood. It disturbs those who are sleeping.😱
    7.Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance.😳
    8. Why do something today when it can be done tomorrow by someone else.πŸ˜‚
    9. Every one should marry because work is divided & happiness is multiplied 😜
    10. Love thy neighbor in a manner to impress his beautiful wife.😍

    Ariya (who else)


  3. Happy BIrthday to you Sathi .
    It was wonderful seeing you and Ianthie back in 2014 and I will miss seeing you both this time around .
    I believe you are going to be in Toronto , while I am in Beruwala !

    Anyway- have a good time in Toronto , with family and above all Have a Very Happy Birthday Day in UK- with family and friends .

    Ariya’s wise words — very funny, however they do make a lot of sense and I think all of us must pay attention to them !!!

    Deepthie .


  4. Happy Birthday Day Saththi. Enjoy your stay in πŸ‡±πŸ‡° Sri Lanka. Sorry that you won’t be joining the RU because of family commitments. Praxy and Ranjit


  5. Hello Saththi,

    Many happy returns of the day. Hope you will have many more enjoyable Birthdays, years to come. Read Ariya’s GURUMANTHRA & that will make your life better?!!.



  6. Happy B’day. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Will miss you at the RU. Not sure if U R in SL or UK. All the best . dharma


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