Saving of an Elephant !


My dear Sam,

A rare but an interesting video saving an elephant
Fallen in a canal and being unable to get out of it
Villagers with  immense compassion saved the beast
Compelling view, appreciate & enjoy human effort great

5 thoughts on “Saving of an Elephant !”

  1. Thanks Ariya. The video bought up mixed emotions. It was very sad to see the struggling elephant.
    We do not know how long the elephant was struggling to get out. It was obvious that it was weak hungry and dehydrated. One could see how it attempted to lie on a side to rest before attempting to get up again.
    The idea to feed the elephant was great. You could see it gobbling the food. Giving the elephant water would have been good , but no one thought of it.

    The eventual out come was very satisfying and joyful. I did not agree with the lighting of the crackers and shooting the gun. The elephant paused several times and looked at the crowd as if to thank everyone who helped it get of the canal.



    1. Dear Nisantha,

      You are very observant and a true friend of nature
      A valiant effort but men were scared of the creature
      Hence operation looked rough yet managed to save
      I share your relief the great animal was made free



  2. Thanks Ariya.Helpful villagers sharing their crop of bananas,a tired elephant,a skilled bulldozer operator,This elephant was exhausted even before help came and hence the slow and great effort on it’s part.The animal must have been very frightened throughout the whole rescue operation.Eddie.


  3. Thanks Ariya.,
    It was 💔 breaking to see the distressed, helpless elephant,,struggling to get out of the mud pit.The slippery sides of the mud pit hindering its efforts.

    A happy ending , due to the successful efforts of the villagers in the rescue efforts.


  4. Dear Ariya
    It is a wonderful clip and actually i taught me a good lesson too. Even though it is a mighty animal when in difficulty he needed the help of others to get him out. This is so true in our lives too when in difficulty we need others help us to keep going. Praxy


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